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Sep 04 2014

Making the case for real brand change

Making the case for real brand change

At AlphaQuad, we understand that just changing a logo won't gain ground on competitors, or engage staff better, or refresh a whole identity. For our clients, we strive to develop and create both the brand proposition and entire visual output. We want the brands we create and support to work as hard as they possibly can for our clients, and connect as best they can with their audience.

Jul 27 2014

AlphaQuad launches a new Web Legal service

AlphaQuad launches a new Web Legal service

Through our relationship with Worcestershire based legal advisers, AB Commercial, we are able to offer specialist legal advice required in the digital space, ensuring our clients are compliant with legislation, and supported effectively when web legal issues arise.

Jul 07 2014

New AlphaQuad Studio

New AlphaQuad Studio

AlphaQuad will now be operating from two offices on Wixford Business Park, as we have moved our Design and Development teams out of the main office, and into a new studio.


The studio is split across two floors - the ground floor will be used for meetings, and the first floor will accommodate our creative and technical teams.

Jun 19 2014

Real time marketing...

Real time marketing...

It’s the event that we’ve been waiting for since South Africa 2010 and let’s face it you can’t go anywhere without seeing, hearing or reading about the World Cup! Whether you’re a football fan or not you’re bombarded with commentary on every game and the main place for this on social media. I scrolled down my twitter feed during Saturday’s England game and was overwhelmed by the patriotic support (or lack of it in some cases) from every tweet in sight.