Blaze of Glory - AlphaQuad partner with Coventry Blaze

Blaze of Glory - AlphaQuad partner with Coventry Blaze

Sep 11 2015 | by TIM PURSLOW

It was reassuring to find out the reason why one of our Directors was wandering around the office muttering ‘Go Blaze!’ a couple of weeks ago... thankfully it was less due to stress, and more due to excitement, as we’d been given the opportunity to partner with Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Club, who are currently the 2015 Playoff Champions!

Some of the AlphaQuad team already watch ice hockey, others are keen skaters, and a few more like ice in their cider or G&T. So, all in all, everyone is pretty excited about being involved with the project. That’s right, the design team are busy designing, the dev team are getting ready to dev, and the rest? They’re all hanging around hoping for free tickets!

As part of our ongoing partnership with the team we will be designing and developing a new website. Launching around Christmas, the site will bring Blaze’s online presence up to speed and will include new features to help the Blaze fans and the team communicate better. There will be loads of social media opportunities (Mike Quesnele, AlphaQuad’s sponsored player, has now joined his teammates tweeting @mquesnele - so give him a follow!) not to mention a streamlined update process to break down the barriers to publish news, results and other content. We are also hoping that the fans will enjoy checking out the new mobile-friendly site too!

Micheal Quesnele and the AlphaQuad Team

AlphaQuad's Robin Painter, Luke Wilkins and Paul Russell with Blaze Defenceman Michael Quesnele

It’s been great working with the Coventry Blaze management team so far, and by the sounds of it both parties are pumped-up about getting going.

"We're pretty good with the sticks and pucks", added Blaze Chairman, Andy Buxton. "We can manage the shooting, the scoring and the entertaining. We can even handle the odd tasty adult beverage after a big game. But designing and developing an integrated digital platform for the business - well that's another matter altogether."

"When we need to keep the pucks out of our net, we employ the services of a top goalie. When we need to get the team performing well, we bring in a top coach, so when we took the decision to completely revamp our digital platform, we wanted to ensure we engaged the very best to help ensure we could deliver an integrated solution that would work equally well for our business and our customers."

"And that's where AlphaQuad come in. They impressed us greatly with their knowledge, vision and ideas, and their enthusiasm to work with us. There will be plenty of opportunity for their designers to design, their dev team to dev - and yes, I'm sure there will be a few free tickets for those hanging around!"

"Welcome to the Blaze family, AlphaQuad! We can't wait to get started!"


GOAAAALLLLL! Michael Quesnele, AlphaQuad's sponsored player, scoring his first goal of the season for the Blaze.

Tim Purslow

Blaze of Glory - AlphaQuad partner with Coventry Blaze