AlphaQuad launches new web legal service

AlphaQuad launches new web legal service

Jul 24 2014 | by ROBIN PAINTER

AlphaQuad has recently formed a legal service partnership meaning we can provide an additional and potentially very valuable digital offering to our clients.

Through this relationship we are able to offer specialist legal advice required in the digital space, ensuring our clients are compliant with legislation, and supported effectively when legal issues arise.

Through our own experience, we have found that there are many legal disciplines that are not adequately covered by in-house legal teams or third-party solicitors. Therefore, we have coupled our knowledge of digital communications with the expertise of legal partner, to develop a service that focuses specifically on how the law applies to the internet, and companies using digital channels as an integral part of their business and marketing operation.

This includes knowledge of a wealth of legislation that applies specifically to websites and ecommerce operations, and the complex legal issues that arise through misuse of online advertising or social media.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, legislation struggles to keep up with innovation. This new service enables us to ensure our clients get the information they need, when they need it, and our team of experts are on-hand to check they are compliant with new and, sometimes, outdated legislation.

Our Web Legal service covers key areas required by clients in the digital space, including:

Document creation and auditing

The development of new, or review of existing, legal wording on websites. This includes terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie policies, as well as the auditing of bespoke e-commerce terms of business for clients selling goods and services online.

Brand infringement identification and protection

Review and protection of client brands from infringement across digital channels, such as the misuse of trademarks or breach of copyright law in online advertising. We are able to support our clients with any specific brand protection issues they are facing.

Domain disputes

Disputes over domain name usage are commonplace in this constantly evolving digital environment. We’re on hand to advise and support in identifying domain misuse, such as other companies or individuals benefitting from registered names, and pursuing resolution on behalf of our clients.

Legislation review

Ensuring our clients are kept up-to-date with changing legislation is a key part of our Web Legal service. We alert our clients to any changes, and support in adapting their digital practice to adhere to new legislation.


So, if you need help and support with any legal issue relating to the internet, your website or any online channel, whatever the level of complexity, we’re here to help. Just contact us on 01789 491 610 to find out more.