Boost your Business with Facebook

Boost your Business with Facebook

Jul 10 2015 | by HAYLEY YATES

On Wednesday, the 8th of July the ‘Boost Your Business with Facebook’ event took place at Birmingham Town Hall.

Sam and I were there to get the latest advice directly from Facebook on how their platform can help businesses grow and succeed. 

Did you know that an average person living in the UK checks their Facebook 11 to 14 times a day, mostly through their mobile devices? According to Facebook, it is the cheapest, fastest and most efficient way for businesses to connect with people. However, be prepared to spend some money before you make it back!

To help its customers, Facebook offer sophisticated ways of efficient budget management, based on very specific targeting, which is one of the key features of this platform. They have a huge amount of information about its 1.2 billion active users, who can be targeted based on location, demographic, interests and behaviour.

Targeted campaigns

So, if you think that your ideal customer is a 31-year-old father from London, who plays Call of Duty and is an Android user, you can target him on Facebook. Or if you already have an audience email list, simply import the spreadsheet into Facebook and it will match the email addresses to its users, and you can then serve them very specific ads.

When planning your ad campaign you should start with splitting your audience into small, clearly defined groups that will allow you to target them with tailor-made adverts. Understand what they want to see, and use an image or a video to draw their attention to your brand for a few seconds.

Remember, always start with a small budget. If you see success, don’t double your budget straight away. Instead, add a bit of money at a time, but save some to be able to experiment with different forms of targeting... you never know what might work for your business until you test it. Once you have run several campaigns, always look at stats. They will show you exactly how well your campaigns perform, so you can refine and refocus, or simply turn off those that are not delivering what you hoped for.

Every business is different and has very specific customers, therefore no universal advice on how to use Facebook Ads can be given. However, the experts recommend the following:

  • Make sure you know who your ideal customer is, and offer them the ads they want to receive
  • Don’t try to sell what you wouldn’t like to buy
  • To give your impressions the highest chance of converting, schedule your ads for the times when your audience is engaging with Facebook
  • Start with a small budget and keep your eye on the stats to decide what future actions you should take
  • Split your budget between successful campaigns and campaign experiment
  • Decide what the most relevant campaign content is and whether it would benefit from specific calls to action, such as ‘Shop now’ or ‘Learn more’
  • Don’t get disappointed if you don’t make money immediately - Facebook advertising is a continuously optimising process

Video ads

Whatever your objectives, try to achieve them using the right format for your ad. Did you know there are 4 billion video views on Facebook every day? 50% of all Facebook users view at least 1 video a day, and of those 75% of them do it on their mobiles.

If you're using video in your ad campaigns, make sure it is visually impacting and has a strong message to stand out from the crowd  Make them as short as possible - 8 seconds is good, but if you can squeeze a clear message into 3 seconds, that would be excellent!

The price of the ad is not influenced by the format you decide to use, but by the target audience you choose. So feel free to test both images and videos to see what results in greater engagement and conversions.

Interested in Facebook advertising?

If you're interested in Facebook advertising, just get in touch and we can help you with this constantly improving platform. You never know how powerful Facebook could be for your business until you try!