Social media - Real-time marketing

Social media - Real-time marketing

Jul 19 2014 | by IMOGEN DOUGHTY

It’s the event that we’ve been waiting for since South Africa 2010 and let’s face it you can’t go anywhere without seeing, hearing or reading about the World Cup! Whether you’re a football fan or not you’re bombarded with commentary on every game and the main place for this on social media. I scrolled down my twitter feed during Saturday’s England game and was overwhelmed by the patriotic support (or lack of it in some cases) from every tweet in sight. The unspoken rule of sporting events and social media has almost become a case of…If you don’t want to hear about it don’t go online. Let’s face it until the 13th July we have to deal with the fact that our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and even Tumblr feeds are going to be bursting with match of the day like observations.

But what does this mean for us as digital marketers? Well, it can only mean one thing… an opportunity for some creative and ingenious real time marketing. Real time first hit the newsstands in February 2013 when Oreo tweeted their “you can still dunk in the dark” campaign which was retweeted around 10,000 times within the first hour and became the talking point of the night outshining brands such as Samsung, Budweiser and Audi who would have paid thousands for a few seconds of the ad break.

Oreo Cookie TweetSince then brands have used events to interact with their consumers and there is plenty of opportunity for this; during the 2010 contest there were around 2.3 billion potential consumers to interact with on social media this year this figure is expected to exceed 3.5 billion. In a competition where an estimated $5,700,000,000 will be spent on sponsorship and advertising, the smart and saving way to interact is online in real time. So here are our top 5 tips for succeeding in real time…

1. Be Prepared

We all know real time is spontaneous and works in time with what is happening right here, right now however, pre-plan as best as you can and be ready to change what you’re doing at any moment.

2. Timing is everything

There’s no point playing in the real time playground if you aren’t prepared to put a bit of speed on your campaigns. Don’t bother tweeting about the Ronaldo’s goal 2 hours after it happened, people will be over it and will have moved on to the next fad, you will just look embarrassingly outdated even if it is only by a few hours.

3. 24/7

In order to succeed in real time, as marketers we need to stop expecting to clock off at 5pm. If there’s a big game on tonight, you need to be ready with your team on hand to put together something amazing at any moment. However, this also means the people who need to sign things off before they go live also need to be on call… there’s no point in you creating something ingenious if no one is there to authorise it’s social media presence.

4. Interact don’t interrupt

Don’t be annoying, it’s all well and good being entertaining, humorous and creating a buzz around your brand during events but avoid overdoing it and becoming an annoyance by bombarding feeds with too much, we all want to relax and enjoy the game so don’t waste your own time becoming a spammer.

5. Stay true to you

Avoid moving away from being brand relevant; find a way to link what you do to what is happening, there’s no point being real time just for the sake of it! There are a lot of social media platforms out there but just use those that are key to your target market and be clever in your targeting.

So whilst you sit at home and enjoy the celebrations and controversy of the world cup 2014 why not give real time a try and make an impact throughout the next month of football. We’d love to hear about your real time stories so tweet us @alphaquad

Imogen Doughty

Social media - Real-time marketing