The power of Social Media for fundraising

The power of Social Media for fundraising

Mar 19 2014

Every once in a while, the power of social media is truly astonishing!

Late last night I hopped on to Facebook and saw that my newsfeed was filled with the bare faces of my beautiful friends. It quickly became clear that this was part of the latest charitable social media campaign #nomakeupselfie.

This latest campaign is encouraging women to remove their makeup and post a photo of themselves onto Facebook or Twitter and then make a small donation to charity. It is not entirely clear who started this campaign but the theme is to raise awareness for cancer charities so Cancer Research UK and Breast Cancer Care seem to be generating the most amount of interest.

The campaign has already generated thousands of pounds in donations. So many in fact that at one point today the Cancer Research UK website was struggling to cope...

While not all campaigns go viral, this does show us how the power of social media can be capitalised upon for a good cause. You might think that it is only possible for large charitable organisations to generate enough interest to go viral but that is not always the case.  Here are our top tips for making a social campaign go viral...

Slow and steady wins the race

Ask for something small enough that almost anybody can get involved. A photo is free and a small text message donation is easy to facilitate.

Enrol influencers

Do your research and create a shortlist of celebrities or  influencers who are likely to support your cause. Tweet them your campaign details as many times as it takes for them to take notice.

Have a clear message

A catchy title for the campaign can make a huge difference (who hasn’t heard of ‘Movember’?) and a simple hashtag will also make the campaign easy to track - vital for when things go viral.

Challenge our emotions

For a campaign to take off it needs to pull on the heart strings a bit - Having a good cause might not be enough in itself. If setting a challenge make it easy yet emotional. Creating something that is shocking, unexpected or emotive will bring people together and help to generate camaraderie amongst supporters.

One final thought...

Social media is proving to be an extremely powerful marketing tool for charities and it will continue to grow throughout 2014. If you are looking for some help with your own social media campaigns, get in touch. And if you're running your own charity campaign on social media we would love to hear about it - tweet us @alphaquad.