Club Care Insurance

Microsite to increase the online visibility of insurance products

Club Care Insurance - the insurance branch of The Camping and Caravaning Club - asked AlphaQuad to create a tool which would allow both new and existing customers to view the full range of products that they have available. 


Club Care Insurance are well known within the leisure industry for insuring products such as caravans and motorhomes, but they wanted to increase awareness of the mainstream products that they offer, such as car and home insurance. Club Care Insurance wanted the tool to be intuitive and interactive, and relevant to both new and existing customers.

We created a street scene to demonstrate that Club Care Insurance could cover all of the belongings a customer may have. The design was consistent with their website, so that brand continuity was maintained, and included interactive elements to appeal to the target audience and encourage social sharing. 

Club Care Insurance

Incentivising leads

For additional interactivity we added a function for people to leave their renewal dates for each product that they owned, allowing Club Care Insurance to gather useful sales data. As an incentive for participation, visitors were entered into a competition for each renewal date given.

The result

The tool achieved a 13% increase in conversion rate. Club Care Insurance were delighted with the functionality and design of the tool, while visitors reported that it was very easy to use.