Creating a solid SEO structure and engaging content

As part of a brand diversification project, Calor approached us with a brief to create a solid SEO structure for a new section of their website. As well as this, they wanted us to plan and implement supporting content in order to maximise SEO benefits going forward.



Traditionally known as a supplier of bottled gas, Calor has, over the course of a number of years, expanded its services to encompass a far greater range of products crossing multiple sections of the gas industry.

Following a substantial increase in the number of BBQ and other outdoor related products sold by the brand, the start of 2014 saw Calor begin work on a new section of the website that focused specifically on these key areas.


What we did

We began the process of identifying the key structural elements needed for the site, before putting the relevant recommendations forward for review and implementation by Calor.

Once this stage of the process was complete, our focus was turned to the associated content plan that would support the structure outlined going forward. Attention was paid to topics that would both suit the section’s chosen keywords, including those that are commonly discussed in the barbecuing industry.

The result

We ensured that a wide range of articles were written that would provide effective results, in terms of their benefits for both the visitor and search engines, meeting the needs of keen barbecuers looking for information.

In total, 32 articles were created for Calor; providing the new section of the site with the content needed for a strong launch, both in terms of its usability and the SEO results achieved.