Developing a user-centric video marketing strategy for Baxi

Vdeo content is a key requirement and the most popular form of content for the customer support team at Baxi. Therefore, the importance of video in Baxi’s online strategy is increasing steadily with with a number of video pieces planned for future projects. 


The initial part of a long term strategy for Baxi was to establish a set of guidelines to ensure quality, consistency and compliance throughout their existing video work, and all future projects.

AlphaQuad produced the brand’s online video guidelines to establish a benchmark and process of control and governance for all the parties involved in producing a successful video project. 


What we did

We produced the Baxi brand guidelines covering five key areas of online video strategy:

  • Project planning - Looking at the importance of content, identifying the objectives and target audience, as well as establishing a commenting policy.
  • Video production management - Including guidelines for planning a video shoot and the necessary preparations required, considerations for on location filming and management of raw footage.
  • Best practices - Recommendations on best practices such as length, brand reinforcement, calls to action, viewer interactivity and accessibility.
  • Video optimisation for the web - Guidelines on video format, file size and name, dimensions and recommendations on small screen consideration.
  • YouTube processes - A guide to uploading and embedding, including advice on titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails, as well as requirements for transcripts.

The result

As part of the initial project we were able to identify an effective process for promoting videos and reporting on user interactivity, based on the clients requirements and our knowledge of the industry. 

Following production and approval of the video guidelines document, AlphaQuad have been supporting Baxi in updating and enhancing all existing video content to bring it in line with the recommendations. As a result of carrying this out, we expect to see viewer, engagement and conversion metrics increase, improve brand perception and awareness.