Strategy to grow the Exceptional Energy brand online globally

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) work to raise awareness of the benefits of liquid petroleum gas, encouraging its use across the world as a cleaner, safer and more efficient alternative to its counterparts. 


As a global organisation, one of the biggest challenges that the WLPGA face is the variations in names for the gas they endorse; known as LPG, LP Gas and a variety of other names across the world dependant on native language. In a bid to resolve this issue, the WLPGA had devised a campaign which rebranded LPG as ‘Exceptional Energy’.

Although Exceptional Energy had some presence online through a dedicated campaign website, digital activity was limited, so the WLPGA commissioned AlphaQuad to create a 3-year strategy for them to grow the brand online globally.


Our approach

Thorough research into Exceptional Energy and its sister sites was conducted in first instance in order to formulate achievable objectives and our strategy framework. This included in-depth reviews of the current website performance, additional digital channels and communications such as social media, the sector within which Exceptional Energy sits, and the brand itself.

Once this research had been conducted, a full 3-year digital strategy took form based on the results, tailored to the needs of the brand. Some of the recommended activity included: implementation of an experts programme, Google Hangouts for member retention utilising members for link building, and fundamental ongoing SEO and content marketing activity.


Upon completion of this project, AlphaQuad produced a full digital strategy document for the WLPGA. Following this, we also delivered an in-depth presentation to key members of the association, including analysis of research results, how these led us to formulate the strategy, and visual demonstrations of our recommendations.

Alison Abbott, Communications Director at the WLPGA, said “AlphaQuad instantly had a comprehensive understanding of our product, our current situation and goals.  They then delivered an exceptional digital roadmap strategy on time and on budget, which has furnished us with a hit-list of smart strategic initiatives which we are now in the process of implementing.”