Great British BBQ

Getting people barbecuing... whatever the weather!

The Great British BBQ campaign aims to encourage the people of Britain to get barbecuing whatever the weather. In order to keep website traffic strong throughout the winter months, we launched an interactive advent calendar to run throughout the month of December. The advent calendar would form a page on the website and be supported by daily e-shots and social media promotion. 


As with any advent calendar, we needed to consider incentives to put in place to encourage visitors to return daily. So it was decided that behind each door there would be a daily discount or offer from businesses within the BBQ industry. After shortlisting companies to contact asking for their participation we quickly filled the month.

Great British BBQ

What we did

Design had to be carefully considered in the project to capture the Great British BBQ brand identity whilst bringing a feel of Christmas to the BBQ world. The design team worked collectively with the developers to create a fully responsive interactive landing page. The daily e-shots were also fully responsive and acted as a reminder to visit the Great British BBQ website and open the advent calendar window to benefit from the featured promotion.  

The result

Between 1st and 24th December, 55% of visitors to the Great British BBQ website visited the advent calendar and 66% of visitors clicked to open to daily promotion.

The advent calendar's supporting email marketing campaigns achieved an open rate of 42% - a whopping 63% above the industry average!