Club Care Insurance

Remarketing campaigns for leisure industry insurer

Club Care Insurance are the longest established provider of insurance to Camping and Caravanning Club members, as well as being a key player in the wider insurance market. Working tirelessly to provide a wide range of insurance services, Club Care Insurance tailor their products to meet the needs of all those enjoying an active lifestyle in the great outdoors.

Having worked closely with us on a range of digital marketing campaigns over previous years, Club Care Insurance have seen their online presence strengthen substantially. One of their primary goals is to generate quote requests from potential customers, something which has become a key focus in their recent strategies. 

At the beginning of the year we recommended introducing remarketing adverts into their wider digital strategy, with the knowledge of the high quality results this form of online marketing can yield.  



With the key objectives defined, we began putting forward a detailed strategy outlining the use of the remarketing adverts, covering the products to be promoted and the message used within the adverts. We identified the types of visitors that we wanted to target – those that visited a product page but didn’t request a quote. 

Once the strategy had been agreed, work began on the text and image based ads. It was key to strike the right balance between appealing visual content and engaging content in order to entice previous visitors back to the site and obtain a quote, thereby maximising the possible results. 

In total, over 50 adverts were created and published on the display network, catering for all size and content variations needed. 


Club Care Insurance

The result

We set a target of reaching a 14% conversion rate in ‘Get a Quote’ clicks, but the campaign was such a success that the actual conversion rate was 21%.  

The adverts achieved higher conversions rates than that of direct, referral or organic traffic, resulting in hundreds of additional quote requests – evidenced in the graph seen here.  

Additional targeting methods will be explored for future campaigns, such as targeting visitors that receive a quote but don’t complete a purchase, or cross selling to those who have. 


Happy clients

Nigel Coppen, Client Director at Club Care Insurance, said: 'Remarketing has proven very effective this year and has surpassed all of the targets that we originally set for conversion rate. At Club Care we intend to make remarketing a wider part of our strategy going forward given the success we have seen.'