NFU Mutual

Responsive email campaigns for NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual is one of the UK's leading rural insurers. With over 300 local branches throughout the UK, NFU Mutual cater to individuals, businesses and farmers in rural communities providing a range of services including insurance, investments, pensions, life assurance and risk management solutions.


We designed and developed a responsive email marketing campaign focussed around their regular Wisetalk magazine, which gives readers detailed information about the range of products and services NFU Mutual have to offer, as well as offering advice for how you can make the most of your money.

NFU Mutual

Our approach

More and more people are using mobile devices to access emails instead of the traditional desktop alternatives. Mobile usage has grown dramatically in email marketing over the past few years. In 2009, just 4% of emails were opened on a mobile device. In 2012, this figure had increased to over 20% and had breached the 50% mark by the end of 2014.

According to Campaign Monitor – a leading email marketing software company - iOS devices dominated the mobile email market in 2012, with almost 88% of mobile opens recorded from an iPhone or iPad, followed by 11.7% of mobile opens on Android devices.

We knew from previous email marketing campaigns that responsive emails would be beneficial for the NFU Mutual audience as previous campaigns consistently saw over 35% of emails being read on mobile devices, so it was a logical step to take with their email marketing strategy.

The result

The first responsive email campaign was very successful, generating an above industry average open rate of 20.40% and a click through rate of 5.63%. We have seen similar success rates for the two subsequent responsive email campaigns, beating industry standards across the board.

Since utilising responsive design in their email marketing campaigns, the average open rate has increased by 21% while the average click through rate has increased by an impressive 51%.