Campaigns to support a new industry directive

In 2012, Baxi learnt of the new Energy-related Products (ErP) directive which is due to be launched in September 2015.

The ErP directive introduces new regulations in order to help the EU achieve their 20-20-20 targets and impacts the whole industry. It was therefore essential for Baxi to position themselves as a market leader in this field. 


AlphaQuad identified that the general lack of awareness of ErP amongst customers - coupled with the limited information available and the long build up to the launch in 2015 - presented an opportunity for Baxi to reinforce their position as a market leader by providing relevant and helpful information to their many audience types. 


Our approach

In order to keep up with changes being made, stay ahead of the competition and offer real support and information to Baxi’s target markets, we created a strategy that focused on legislative changes in ErP. 

We have implemented this strategy over the last three years to communicate to Baxi’s audience groups at specific points, when information is relevant.

Multi-channel approach

Key channels of communication within this campaign include:

  • The creation leaflets and guides, providing easy to understand information in order to spread the word about ErP
  • Our continued work with Baxi Genuine Parts, allowing us to assist Baxi in offering discounts on ErP compliant products through email marketing campaign activity, driving traffic to the website
  • Ongoing content strategy, including downloadable resources meeting the various needs of all of Baxi’s audiences