Digital strategy for Abellio’s two main routes

We created a digital strategy for Abellio’s two main routes – Abellio Greater Anglia and Stansted Express. We reviewed their existing marketing activity and looked at what direct and in-direct competitors were doing, we then made recommendations to Abellio based on what we found from reviewing these.

The project

We focused the strategy on the company’s own objectives, based on stakeholder sessions held with key members of the team, and then delivered a roadmap of activity scheduling all our recommendations across a two-year timeframe.

Through the strategy, we recommended activity across many fields including:

Onsite improvements (Purchasing journey and overall content)
Conversion optimisation
Digital relationships
Email Marketing
Online advertising
Social media
Brand management

The results

Our digital strategy for Abellio’s two main routes – Abellio Greater Anglia and Stansted Express resulted in a £6.5m increase in online sales.


Market share compared to initial 19%


Increase in ticket purchases

Complimentary digital marketing audit

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What the client said

We employed AlphaQuad to ensure that our digital marketing was robustly independently benchmarked against industry peers, competitors and external sector exemplars, and that we embedded a process of continuous improvement into our digital marketing systems. They were instrumental in helping us to improve our digital marketing performance which has enhanced our top line revenue performance by £millions as well as increased the ROI we have enjoyed on our digital marketing campaigns.

Andy Camp

Commercial Director