Animated GIF Design

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a popular choice for internet memes, especially across blogs and social media.

They can be a powerful and effective marketing tool when created and designed professionally and used correctly. GIFs allow the user to visually engage and consume information in a fun and effective way, bringing images to life and capturing the users’ attention.

An animated GIF is an animated image that can be looped continuously and are suitable for most online content. Simple animated GIFs with a small file size are a convenient and effective way to display something on your website that will work across all browsers with no requirement for added plugins or players.

Animated GIFs are quick and easy to consume, they are clear and succinct, and can be used for direct advertising, or as part of a storytelling or tutorial tool outlining step by step processes for your product or service.

They allow you to convey a message with emotion and personality, which is particularly important for a strong brand presence.

GIFs can be used to highlight a special offer or promote a particular product, and serve as a great call to action.

Animated GIFs in Email Marketing

If an image is said to be worth a thousand words, animation must be worth a thousand more.

The overall design, visuals, and relevance of content are the most important factors when it comes to reading or discarding an email. With most businesses using email marketing all of us are receiving multiple emails per day.

Emails with flat colour, a lack of imagery or long blocks of text are often left unread simply because they don’t appear interesting. The majority of readers want to see something different and something special in order to consider reading more.

With animated GIFs, you can create engaging, unique and creative email banners and e-newsletters, or CTA areas to advertise products, services, special events or exclusive offers in a creative and effective way. Research shows that animated GIFs in emails perform better than their non-animated versions.

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