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Managing your marketing assets couldn't be easier

Marketing materials sometimes seem to have a life of their own, migrating from one folder to another, leaping from one hard drive to another, vanishing from sight and reappearing a year later in a random location. Sometimes everyone seems to have access to confidential assets and then, to balance this out, only Margaret in accounts can access the company logo gif and that is the version from 1998.

If some of this seems familiar then you’re not alone. We’ve worked with many companies over the years who have an organic approach to what we call ‘digital asset management’, and what they call ‘the triumph of hope over experience’. As a result, we have evolved a service that brings order to the chaos and massive value to your marketing.

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Managing your marketing assets with AlphaQuad

While we do use some of the best technology available, one of our mantras is ‘it’s not the technology, it’s the people’. Our staff are not just experienced with asset management they are designers, developers, and marketers, all of whom understand digital asset management through its use, not just the theory. We understand the reality of complex asset storage over long periods of time and how to help clients who only have a vague recollection of the asset they want to find.

Let’s just back up a little here and check that we’re on the same page.

Digital assets are anything at all that can be used in your marketing materials. In terms of design and development, “assets” typically refers to text content, graphics, photographs, videos, audio files, and database files. These assets can be for use online or offline, in a magazine or PPC advertisement, web page or online directory listing. But the definition extends beyond this to any file that can be recorded digitally – why stop with marketing? We don’t, but as a marketing agency, it’s a good place to start.

Ok, four paragraphs is enough to read. Let’s continue with a few lists:

Benefits of AlphaQuad Digital Asset Management

  • Your brand and marketing assets are just a few clicks away
  • Efficient production workflow and productivity increases
  • Reliable and intuitive asset security
  • Robust version control
  • Brand style communication with colleagues, partners and clients
  • All your marketing material in one organised and accessible place
  • Sophisticated storage, cataloguing and handling digital files to make them more findable, reusable
  • Team sharing and collaboration on content production
  • Seamless remote working for distributed teams
  • Assets are backed up in case of accidental deletions or edits
  • Maximise asset reuse and minimise duplicate content production efforts by making your existing assets easily findable
  • Portability – all can be exported/zipped and transferred if required

So, exactly what type of assets or materials are we talking about?

AQ Marketing Kit

Examples of offline materials available in the Marketing Kit

  • Original images provided by you or related third-party companies
  • Images purchased from stock sites (with licence records)
  • Your logo in various orientations, colours and file formats (if we have the original AI or EPS file)
  • Fonts used online and offline
  • Icons (if applicable)
  • Brand guidelines (if you don’t have any, we can help)
  • Stationery: business cards, compliment slips, letterheads (can be provided in InDesign, PDF or Microsoft Word format)
  • Standard/generic blocks of content written and ready to drop into various projects
  • Print work templates designed and ready to go: A6 postcard, A5 leaflet, A4 leaflet, brochure. All templates can then be adapted for each new variant
  • Print work library of all approved print work
  • Presentation template branded to the company, which the client can repurpose for any meetings or pitches
  • POS material, large scale exhibition graphics etc
  • Reports template
AQ Marketing Kit

Examples of online materials

  • Original images with optimised and resized variants
  • Social Media assets: banners, profile pictures, post images
  • Blog assets and images
  • Videos with associated transcripts
  • Email and E-newsletter templates and assets
  • Infographics templates
  • Web assets guide, providing details of sizes and formats they need for assets on their website
  • Online adverts, remarketing, PPC
AQ Marketing Kit

The really good news

A system of this sophistication would have been a major outlay even just a few years ago. You’ll be relieved to hear that this is no longer the case. Cloud technology has improved and is scaled so well that the underlying technology is now very affordable with low-cost monthly payments and no long term commitments. This allows the majority of your budget to be focused where it is needed: on people, creativity and ideas.

What you’ve read up to this point is all about features, systems and technologies. What we are really offering is a talented and friendly team of design and marketing experts who will help you use the features, systems and technologies. Why not pick up the phone and have a chat, we’d love to hear from you.

AQ Marketing Kit

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