We can help you recruit digital marketing staff

So how do you handle digital marketing recruitment when your experience with digital marketing may be somewhat limited? Just knowing what questions to ask at interview or the type of task to set can be daunting, let alone judging the responses. You could rely on recruitment agencies for a well-considered and independent view of the candidate whose employment will gain them a substantial fee. Or maybe not!

Having recruited over 100 digital marketing staff we have the experience you need to ensure the best chance of finding the right candidate. We also have an extensive list of local candidates who we can either introduce into the process or exclude, based on our experience of their performance.

The key thing that we offer is our ability to help you maximise the chances of getting the best new employee possible and once selected we can help ensure that things go as smoothly as possible with Recruitment Plus…

Digital marketing recruitment

Our services include:

  • Initial selection criteria and job specification
  • Liaison with your recruitment agency if required
  • Candidate filtering and pre-selection
  • Interview preparation, task and question planning
  • Attending and/or chairing interviews
  • Candidate selection post interview

Recruitment Plus

Typically once the recruitment process has ended you’d be left on your own with your new member of staff and a lot of expectation and pressure. Having employed many digital marketing staff we understand that the first few months are critical.

To provide a real recruitment ‘end to end service’ we also offer:

  • Structured appraisals and targets
  • Three, six and twelve-month performance reviews
  • Additional training if required
  • Workshop sessions with other digital marketing professionals

The bottom line is that we are here to support you and your new colleague, taking the uncertainty out of digital marketing recruitment.

We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements, just give us a call…

digital marketing recruitment plus

Candidate Plus

If you are reading this as a candidate you should get in touch. We are always looking for potential candidates to introduce to new employers either now or when the time is right for you. Our digital marketing recruitment services apply just as much to candidates as they do to employers.

Being placed in a new position through AlphaQuad means that you not only have a great new job but that you’ll be supported by an experienced team from day one.

We work with you and your employer to ensure that your targets are achievable and that you are supported through any challenges. Part of that support involves meeting regularly with other professionals to discuss digital marketing trends, techniques and practical solutions.

With an employer-funded AlphaQuad digital marketing support package you are not on your own!

Digital marketing recruitment candidate plus

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