The best starting point is always the marketing strategy

One of the most challenging aspects of a Digital Marketing is knowing where to start; is it the website, social media, the branding, SEO? The truth is that the best starting point is always a digital marketing strategy, as this will help inform every other decision you make to achieve your goals.

We have helped create digital marketing strategies for businesses that are just starting out, for household names that want to change their public image or market share and everything in between. Yes, our team know how to apply digital marketing, such as SEO campaigns and website redesigns, but what makes our team different is the understanding of how these fit in with the overall strategy.

AlphaQuad Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Audits and Reports

Our digital marketing audits are technical inspections and detailed reports of your current situation, including; website on-site and off-site performance, brand awareness and perception, social reach and much more.

Once the data is gathered we can start the most important part of the report; analysis. Using the SOSTAC model, we will study the data obtained to provide useful insights and practical recommendations based on our findings. The hardest part of any strategy is often the implementation, so we will work with you to create, explain and plan a pragmatic and realistic digital marketing strategy that you can implement independently or with our continued support.

Marketing audits and reports

Integrated marketing strategy

Whilst Digital Marketing is incredibly powerful and prominent in any effective marketing strategy, it is only part of the overall vision. Offline marketing still plays a massive role in business growth and development and should be considered and planned alongside digital.

This is why we always recommend incorporating your offline marketing activities, goals and campaigns into our digital strategies so that together we can plan for a fully integrated marketing campaign.

This might be at the most top overview level such as running a product launch simultaneously across all offline and online formats, or at a more detailed level, which could be the incorporation of redirect tracking-links and phone numbers to enable digital reporting on print advertisements.

Integrated marketing strategy
SEO Insight

Want to improve your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Our complimentary Digital Marketing Audit is the perfect way to learn more about where you are now and how to get to where you want to be!

Take a look at some of our projects

Wesleyan - Digital Strategy

As a leading financial company, Wesleyan came to us with a need to expand their digital presence and widen and there customer base through online channels.

Abellio Greater Anglia & Stansted Express

We created a digital strategy for Abellio two routes – Abellio Greater Anglia and Stansted Express resulting in a £6.5m increase in online sales.

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