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Responsive website design is essential because we can’t assume that your customers are happy to pinch­-zoom and scroll around your website on smaller devices when looking at content. Anyone planning on investing in their website should take the needs and expectations of their users on small screen devices into serious consideration, from the very beginning of the project. This is even more important since Google made mobile optimisation a major ranking factor for its search results.

Our designs are multi-device focused, and always have the end user in mind, to ensure your brand is represented properly – no matter the size of the screen!

Good website design is much more than just aesthetics, it’s about creating an engaging experience for your users. Your website should encourage your audience to find out more, reassure and guide them through the site to convert from site visitors into customers, clients or leads.

This is why we start our website designs with wireframes and concepts, which allows us to create user journeys and test the user experience first.

Once we’re convinced that our users will have a great experience with the site and its features, we use the wireframes as a visual guide to help create a bespoke and effective design.

Responsive website design means no pinch zooming

Not just mobile design

Mobile phones and tablets are occupying an increasing percentage of web traffic every year. In addition, these devices are advancing quickly with higher resolution screens and new aspect ratios.
Your website needs to be (and can be) built to look fantastic across a wider and wider range of devices. And not just the ones you are currently using. To ensure your website always looks great, our responsive website builds will flow to fit and take best advantage of the size and shape of any device.



Not just mobile website design
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Successful redesign and development of the Anja Potze Fine Jewellery website onto Shopify CMS.

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