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Our complimentary Google Analytics (GA) Audit is designed to help ensure your GA account is set up correctly in order to gain accurate insights about your website traffic and user behaviour. Quite often there are fundamental oversights in the setup of GA which lead to misinformation and missed opportunities. Having a correctly configured GA account will allow you to make sound, data-driven decisions for your business. On receipt of your audit request, one of our data analyst experts will perform a brief audit of your GA account and be in touch to ask a few non-technical questions.

We will take a look at:

Opportunities for dashboard configuration Ticked
Data anomalies - odd results Ticked
Filters and segments for clear data insights Ticked
Possible goal and conversion points for automated results Ticked
Website changes to enhance analytics Ticked
Event tracking for user behaviour analysis Ticked
The correct parameters to understand correlations and relationships Ticked
Understanding your audience with greater detail Ticked

Our Auditing process

Our complimentary auditing process is easy and efficient, it only takes a few days for our experts to assess your site.

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A good setup and understanding of Google Analytics is important to ensure that you are tracking the right information in the right way. If you’re interested in learning more about this powerful performance measurement tool, visit our Google Analytics page or give us a call.