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Our complimentary Social Media Audit is designed to help you gain key information about how your current social campaigns are performing and, in addition, what can be done to improve them. On receipt of your audit request, one of our digital marketing experts will perform an audit of your current social media activities using screen sharing tech, you don't even have to leave your seat.

We’ll cover:

General Overview: A look at your current social media presence, brand use, consistency, community and competitors Ticked
Sector Suitability: Are you using the right platforms for your business sector? We will advise on which social networks are best for your target market Ticked
Profile: Are all your profiles complete? We will take a look at all of your social profiles to ensure they are correctly completed and are fully optimised for maximum presence Ticked
Community: Do you have millions of followers but nobody is engaging with you? We will have a dig around your social community and make sure the quality of your following is up to scratch, and offer ways to make improvements going forward Ticked
Content: Posting lots of content but no one seems to respond? We will look through your published posts and highlight any issues that could be restricting your performance. Ticked
Watch your tone: Showing your companies “personality” when using social media is vital, your audience wants you to add value to their news feeds, nobody wants to see a sales pitch! We will check your content to determine if you're projecting your brand's tone of voice in the right way Ticked
On Brand: Using several social platforms? Is your branding well optimised across all your platforms? Having consistency across all your platforms is essential for building trust in your community Ticked
Competitors: Are your competitors beating you to it? (We’ll review your main competitors to discover their strengths and weaknesses) Ticked

Our Auditing process

Our complimentary auditing process is easy and efficient, it only takes a few days for our experts to assess your site.

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