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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System on the planet and probably the best of its type but… and there’s always a but, not everyone who builds WordPress sites has a complete understanding of the platform and costly mistakes are common. We can review your WordPress site to either give you the reassurance that everything is as it should be or point out issues that you have not spotted.

Areas that we’ll look at include:

WordPress, theme and plugin versions Ticked
Plugin choice and extent Ticked
Site speed Ticked
Site security Ticked
Backup and restore systems Ticked
Hosting and web server neighbours Ticked
Responsiveness on different screens Ticked
Image compression Ticked
SEO readiness Ticked
Essential functions Ticked

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Our complimentary auditing process is easy and efficient, it only takes a few days for our experts to assess your site.

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As part of the WordPress Audit, we’ll provide insight and recommendations on your WordPress theme and plugins. We will also audit areas such as site speed and image compression. In addition, we’ll check that your site is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ready. It is important to protect your site and the data that it collects, so we will also assess site security.