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So, your online marketing channels are converting, and you’ve got a digital marketing strategy that is leaving your competitors in the dust – but what about exhibitions and outdoor marketing? Are you maximising your brand message when it comes to the big events? 

Our partners at Taylex Displays have worked with both major national organisations and small local companies to provide full exhibition stands and everything from outdoor marquees to impressive modular stands for SMEs.

Our cooperation with Taylex allows them to bring a wealth of exhibition marketing experience whilst we provide a market-leading Digital Exhibition Package.

For many businesses, exhibition and event marketing is a fantastic opportunity to network with key business prospects and showcase your products and services. Potential customers and suppliers may be at your next event so it is worth considering what it could achieve for your brand.

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Engage with Key Business Prospects

Here at AlphaQuad we work with you to ensure that your business will benefit from this type of investment. For example, if you would like to carry out market research at the event or demonstrate a specific product then we can work with you to create a stand that showcases this effectively.

Taylex and AlphaQuad design teams can work alongside you as an extension of your own team. Using their experience and trusted contacts in the exhibition trade they can offer competitive prices on exhibition materials and can handle all the production and delivery requirements efficiently. They can even store and assemble as and when needed.

Digital Exhibition Package

Advantages of exhibiting at trade shows

Exhibiting at trade shows can bring a number of benefits to your business. 

Trade show benefits include:

  • Raising your brand awareness – exhibiting at industry events is a good way to raise your profile and generate brand awareness. As well as taking a stand at an event, there are usually other advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Meet prospects – meeting face-to-face with potential customers is a great way to start building relationships. Trade shows are a great way to meet potential new customers, suppliers and to learn more about your competitors.
  • Product launches – trade shows are a good place to introduce a new product or service. Being able to explain your offering in person and answer questions is ideal, especially if your product is innovative.
  • Database building – meeting with potential customers at an exhibition helps you to start building your marketing lists and generate qualified sales leads.
Digital Exhibition Package

AlphaQuad’s Digital Marketing Package

At AlphaQuad we offer a Digital Exhibition Package designed to help manage everything that comes with planning and organising an exhibition.

Our Digital Exhibition Package is designed to help you to communicate with your client database on the run-up and the duration of your event by using a variety of exhibition marketing techniques. Below we have included some examples of what our Digital Exhibition Package includes and how it could be helpful to you. 

Digital Exhibition Package

Campaign Landing Page

A campaign landing page is a page on your website dedicated to an upcoming event. 

Your campaign landing page should supply readers with information such as the date and time of the event alongside some carefully composed content that encourages readers to attend. A campaign landing page often contains a registration form that can be used to monitor the interest of your exhibition and give you an idea of what to expect on exhibition day.

Digital Exhibition Package

Social Media

Social media is a powerful advertising tool when it comes to advertising an event or exhibition. There are a number of ways in which social media can play a significant part in pre-event advertising.

Some examples include:

  • Event hashtags
  • Ticket sales
  • Social media competitions
  • Paid social media ads
  • Live videos 
Digital Exhibition Package

On The Day Lead Generation

Our on the day lead generation service ensures that you are recording your leads and taking note of the products or services that they are interested in. We work with you to create a digital questionnaire that can be filled in using a device such as an iPad.

This service is crucial for your sales team as it provides them with all of the necessary information required to follow up and contact potential leads after the exhibition is over.


Digital Exhibition Package

After The Event Email

An after the event email is a great way of making your stand visitors feel appreciated. 

Follow up emails are also a clever technique for retaining loyalty, encouraging conversation and building customer relationships. After the event emails can be a great tool for further introducing your brand and summarising it’s offerings. A personalised email can also make leads feel appreciated, making them more likely to use your services or purchase your products.

Digital Exhibition Package

Identifying Anonymous Leads

Following your event, we can implement a tool that can track visits to your website. This tool can provide a variety of useful information about your site visitors that can then be added to mailing lists and turned into potential leads.

  • The company name, website and phone number
  • Referrer – how the visitor found your website
  • The date and time of visit 
  • The website landing and exit pages that they visited
Digital Exhibition Package

Exporting Gathered Data

It is critical to contact potential leads whilst they are still hot. 

Thanks to our lead generation form, the task of organising your leads by interest has already been done. These potential clients and their information can then be transferred to your sales team for careful nurturing. This data can also be added to email lists and used for research purposes.

To find out more about AlphaQuad’s Digital Exhibition Package or our partnership with Taylex Displays, contact a member of our team today.

Digital Exhibition Package

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