Digital Exhibition Package

Exhibition season can be a very hectic time and it can take up a lot of internal resource when it comes to planning and managing events. The closer you get to your event, the longer your checklist becomes and it’s easy to overlook something important – like inviting your clients and prospective clients to come and visit you at the show.  

And then there’s the event itself – you need to make sure that you’re capturing all of your leads in an efficient way and noting the products or services that they are interested in, so that your sales teams are armed with all the information they need to contact the leads.  

Then the event finishes and you’re busy packing up, storing away your stand and catching up on hundreds of unread emails that have come into your inbox while you’ve been out at the show. But you still need to go through that huge pile of business cards that you’ve collected during the event, remember what each lead was interested in and contact them whilst the lead is still hot. And you may even have another event coming up soon that you need to organise!

It’s a very busy time for you! We can help by taking some of this off your hands. We’ve teamed up with Taylex Displays to offer a bespoke Digital Exhibition Package.

The Digital Exhibition Package is designed to help you to communicate with your client database about your event using email, social media and a campaign landing page.

A lead capture form will be developed to be used during the event. This allows your stand personnel to capture information about the lead and the specific products or services that they are interested in. A post-event email will be sent out to the leads that you met at the show. This is an important part of the lead nurturing process.

We can also identify anonymous leads that visited your website during the event!

All data captured during the process will be packaged up and sent to your sales team to continue to nurture the leads.

It’s as simple as that! And you get to focus your attention on the event itself (and those unread emails).