The measurement tool of choice for marketing professionals

Google Analytics has become the measurement tool of choice for marketing professionals. It’s detailed, comprehensive, versatile and can be used to extract meaningful and actionable information. It is also quite intimidating for inexperienced users and its complexity can result in confusion and inappropriate conclusions that can be quite expensive.

If you don’t use Google Analytics, you should give us a call. If you do, are you confident in your use?

For example, let’s ask a few really basic questions to which you should answer ‘yes’.

  • Have you set up a custom filter to disregard or separate out your own IP addresses?
    If not you’re muddying the waters with the interactions of your own staff with your website.
  • Have you segmented out all visits lower than 1 second?
    If not you’re measuring the behaviour of crawlers and bots rather than customers.
  • Do you understand why a high bounce rate can be bad and when it can be good?
    Having an experienced Google Analytics expert at the end of the phone will help your business unearth the full potential of this industry-leading web analytics tool.

You may have Google Analytics already but are you missing out on some of the major insights that could help you increase your traffic, improve your conversions and boost ROI?

We’re always happy to take a look at how you’ve set up your Google Analytics and offer some guidance on what you should be looking at next. Just give us a call.

Google Analytics

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