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Enhancing your WordPress Design

Refreshing your WordPress site

Thinking of having a revamp, but you don’t want the cost of completely rebuilding your site from scratch? 

How about enhancing your existing WordPress site’s look and feel? 

You may have been told that you are restricted when it comes to making substantial changes to your WordPress site. This often isn’t the case at all. 

Our talented Designers and Developers can assess your current site and work with you to come up with a plan to enhance your site, based around your budget. 

Is your navigation effective? Do you find that your website visitors get lost on your site? Perhaps you have a high bounce rate on key conversion pages (contact us or sales). Or maybe your user journey isn’t quite working and you’re not sure why. Our experts will take a look at all of these areas and advise on a better way to use your WordPress site as a key sales tool and to optimise conversions. 

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Have you looked at your site in detail on mobile and tablet?

By 2020, the number of smartphone users is projected to reach 2.87 billion globally. Up to 70% of web users access websites on mobile devices, so it’s more important than ever to offer these users an impressive mobile experience. That’s what we’re here for. Mobile responsiveness is always one of our top priorities when working on a website design and development project.

Enhancing your WordPress Design

Is your branding consistent? Are you rebranding?

Our Design team will look at your current branding and ensure that it is used consistently across your site, to help you to develop a recognisable brand. Perhaps you’re working on a rebranding project or you’ve recently rebranded and now is the time to refresh your site? Get in touch and we’ll help you to maximise your online brand experience. We can also help you with your brand development, both online and offline. 

Enhancing your WordPress Design

Fancy a new look?

Is your current site design outdated, but you think you’re stuck with it because you have a set WordPress theme? We can work with your existing theme to update your existing look and feel. 

What about a new theme? We can also advise on the best themes that would complement your branding, bringing you over to a fresh theme, which really can make a big impact on your site.

Enhancing your WordPress Design

How measurable is your site performance?

Do you have calls to action on relevant pages? Do you track when people download brochures from your site? What are your key conversion points? When refreshing an existing WordPress site, we will look at how we can optimise calls to actions and conversion points, so you can properly monitor your website’s performance

Enhancing your WordPress Design

What about the technical aspects?

So the plan is in place for your newly updated design and user journey – you probably want to make sure it functions well too? Of course, you do! This is where our Development team comes in. 

Working closely with the Design team, our Developers work to ensure that your newly perfected user journey is assisted by fast page load speeds, a seamless navigation system and more. The last thing you want after revamping your website is to leave your visitors (and potential leads!) frustrated and bouncing off the site. Find out more about enhancing your existing WordPress site.

Enhancing your WordPress Design

Not forgetting that content is King!

As well as being well-designed and developed, your site needs the right content to perform well – content that is relevant, search engine optimised, and useful. This can be built into your WordPress enhancement plan.

Enhancing your WordPress Design

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