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Infographics and illustrations

Infographic Design

Illustrated content is more appealing to look at and easier to understand than just pages of text and numbers.

When it comes to displaying data, discussing the results of a campaign, or sharing complex findings, the majority of people find it easier to process information by looking at illustrations or images.

It has been demonstrated that we process imagery up to 60,000 times faster than reading a page of text.

Many positives can come with using illustrations or infographics within your business or marketing campaigns. Infographics can be great for increasing levels of engagement and helping information stick. Plus, people are much more likely to share posts that are both aesthetically pleasing and informative.

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What are the benefits of using infographics?

  • Perfect for sharing information on social media for lead generation
  • More eye-catching than text – meaning people are more likely to read it
  • Infographics are easy to track and analyse – This allows you to monitor the success of an infographic and determine whether it was successful or not
  • Great for SEO – The nature of an infographic makes people more likely to like, share or click it
  • Infographics can be designed to work alongside your current branding
  • Combining statistics, text, and visuals means you can include a variety of information whilst keeping viewers captivated
Infographics and illustrations

Using bespoke illustrations on your website

Adding illustrations to your website can give your current content a real boost without going back to the drawing board.

Breaking up text with fun or creative illustrations is beneficial. By adding visual elements to a text-only page you can increase your levels of engagement and transform the overall look. Just like infographics, illustrations are more engaging, making people more likely to interact with them.

Infographics and illustrations

What are the benefits of using illustrations?

  • They can be created to match your current branding, blending the overall visual experience.
  • Anything visual or illustrative is more shareable than text. The more people that view or engage with your content the better!
  • Illustrations give you a chance to be creative and have fun. Think of them as a way to promote your brand even further.
  • Visuals often make more of an impact than text. In fact, an image is said to be worth 60,000 words.
  • Effective, on brand, illustrations can act as an attention magnet, drawing visitors to your web page and making them customers.
Infographics and illustrations

Icon design

The use of icons is an integral part of visual interface.

A well-designed icon will convey a message in an instant and can be easily understood no matter your background or language. This is why pictograms, symbols and icons have been around since the time of ancient civilisations, as a form of effective display and communication (give us a call and ask about Semiotics).

You can often find lots of choices for pre-made icons on the various stock or vector sites, but nothing beats a well-designed custom created icon.
Bespoke designed icons are not only visually engaging, but they are also an extension of your brand identity and can act as a surprisingly powerful marketing tool.

Our Designers will work closely with you to understand what you would like to achieve with your icon designs. We understand that your custom created icons need to be flexible to work across multiple platforms and channels, from websites to apps to print material, and sketches to digital vector formats. We will ensure that your icons deliver the impact and results that you want.

Our Design team can help you design your ideal set of icons, enhance an existing set of icons, or even just add extra icons to a branded set you already have. Anything you need for your business, service or product, we are on hand to help.

Infographics and illustrations

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