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Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design

With such a significant rise in the use of mobile and tablet devices, it is vital that your website has been optimised for all platforms. 

You have absolutely no idea what size of screen your site will be viewed on nor, with mobile phones and tablets, which way round the device will be held, Therefore it is important that your website has been optimised for all screen sizes and resolutions.

No matter what the size or orientation of the device, your website needs to look great and present information appropriately.

Responsive Website Design is much more than just aesthetics and creating a website that works. It’s about providing a positive customer experience for your users no matter the device they are using.

 At AlphaQuad, we specialise in building fully responsive websites that adapt seamlessly to the size and shape of any device, providing your viewers with a positive customer experience.

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At AlphaQuad we start the majority of our website designs with wireframes and concepts, allowing us to prioritise the user experience and your goals for the site before going on to create anything else. User journeys are incredibly important when it comes to converting visitors into customers and clients into leads.

For some clients, we can use a variety of ready-made themes or design templates available on WordPress. These themes can very useful and save a lot of time if you have an existing design in mind.

Once we are convinced that your users will have a great experience with your site and its features, we use these wireframes or themes as visual guides to create a bespoke and effective design.

Responsive Website Design

Google and Mobile Optimised sites

Are you hoping your site comes out on top?

If you need another reason to make your site responsive and mobile-friendly, Google prioritises mobile optimised sites when it comes to ranking search results as they are easy to view and more likely to keep users on the site and subsequently buy your products/services.

Desktop only sites will still be included in rankings, however, the lack of mobile-friendly features can impact your business negatively. Websites that deliver a positive mobile experience have a much better opportunity of getting a boost. Mobile optimisation is another huge reason to make sure your site is easily accessible on small screen devices.

Google is all about delivering relevant and helpful search results to people on all devices, so don’t allow your website design to hold you back.

Responsive Website Design
Web Design Audit

Complimentary Web Design Audit

Identify areas that will improve conversion, rank better in Google and generate brand awareness and leads.