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SharpSpring Free CRM

SharpSpring Free CRM

You may have already heard of SharpSpring, To date, the company’s powerful, unique marketing automation tools have attracted over 9,000 business owners.

Good customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential part of a long-term sales growth strategy. You simply can’t rely on outdated CRM’s or Spreadsheets to stay on top of your leads.

Until recently, the only real option was to invest in a paid CRM platform or make do with a very limited free version.

This has all changed with the innovative, free, fully featured CRM for small businesses developed by SharpSpring.

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CRM features that you’ve been waiting for

The SharpSpring Free CRM is probably the best free tool available on the market today – in fact, it’s actually more advanced than some paid platforms with a comprehensive list of features:

  • Unlimited contacts, opportunities, products, and accounts
  • Custom fields
  • One-to-one sales emails
  • Two-way mail syncing
  • Trackable emails
  • Instant notifications
  • A user forum
  • Intuitive email designer
  • Lead capture forms for your website
  • Lead scoring
  • Customisable sales pipeline
  • Sales Report
  • Social media dashboard
  • Website visitor tracking
  • A mobile app
  • Integration with hundreds of applications

Features You Won't Get Anywhere Else

Some of the features mentioned above are either not available from any other free CRM or are very hard to find.

For example, SharpSpring social media dashboard is the only tool of its type available at no cost, you’ll easily find and filter all social media-based conversations about your company, industry, or competitors by simply entering the desired keywords or hashtags. Even better, you can respond to posts from within the CRM platform!

From there, you can follow-up with email content that’s relevant for the interests of your prospects.

SharpSpring Free CRM

Free CRM forever

We all know how these things work; you get used to using a so-called free business tool and then suddenly the 30-day free trial is up and the expense begins!

The SharpSpring Free CRM isn’t merely a complimentary trial period or a beta testing phase, SharpSpring has committed to making this sales CRM platform free forever.

SharpSpring Free CRM

Data export and GDPR

The Free CRM is fully GDPR compliant with whitelisted email servers, due diligence on all email sends, unsubscribe options and more. It also allows a complete data export should you wish to move on.

SharpSpring Free CRM

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