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Somerford have been working with AlphaQuad since 2013 when they took us from a very old archaic website into the 21st Century with a beautifully built and designed website and a new logo. We worked remotely with AlphaQuad very easily with content and updates being done effectively and efficiently as required. We received training on how to manage and update our website which was extremely easy to do. During 2019 we are revamping our website and are again seeking the expertise of the AlphaQuad team for their experience in the design and how to ensure we are ranked well for Search Engine Optimisation which is one of their specialist skills.

Penny Harrison

Marketing Director at Somerford Associates

The team understood immediately the tone and approach we were seeking, they have been extremely efficient in understanding our goals.

In six months we have seen a significant increase in our social media activity and we are very happy with these results.

Alison Abbott

Communications Director at WLPGA

AlphaQuad have been instrumental in getting the Shearwater Insurance website more visible on Google, with notable increases in website traffic over the course of our engagement with them.

Sarah Skillin

Marketing Manager at Shearwater Insurance

We have a well established relationship with AlphaQuad, which is reinforced by each successful project undertaken. The level of support we receive is beyond expectation.

Alphaquad’s experience shows in the wealth of knowledge and advice they are able to offer for any new ideas or approaches to online activities. AlphaQuad have focused heavily on optimising the website and the improvement of our web site’s rankings has proven their success in this. Their approach to website design is creative and equally balanced with the consideration required for optimisation, improved customer experience and increasing conversions. Again, this is a direct reflection of their experience within the digital industry.

In summary, AlphaQuad offer a complete digital consultancy service that challenges our in house approach to online activities to ensure we never stop learning.

Andrea Price

Head of Marketing Communications at Baxi UK

Spectra Group (UK) chose alphaquad as its digital specialists in order to maximize the potential reach offered through digital marketing. Together we shape content marketing, search optimisation, email campaigns, and PR for specialist communication products and military grade cyber security services. Alphaquad provides us with insight into the cutting edge of digital space; consulting on the latest web-technology and marketing techniques that ensure that we maintain visibility as thought leaders in military communications and cyber security solutions. We work closely with Elliott, who is friendly, attentive, and highly experienced in a wide range of skills that are integral to our extensive digital strategy. We would recommend alphaquad without hesitation.

Miguel Ferros

Marketing Manager at Spectra Group (UK)

I personally have requested and been provided with several website effectiveness reports to cover various aspects of the business and each time both myself and my colleagues have been very impressed. The most recent report was in fact their finest yet, reaching an unexpected (but very welcome) level of depth, showcasing their excellent skills and superior knowledge, giving great attention to every possible detail.

Evleen Price

eBusiness Marketing Manager at The Camping and Caravanning Club

CCI has worked with alphaquad for over 5 years – I am consistently impressed with their ability to innovate and come up with clear, direct solutions to problems that appear as a result of the constantly shifting nature of online marketing. AlphaQuad have always performed above target expectations and have never failed to deliver the excellent results we have come to expect from them throughout our partnership. Every year alphaquad manage to outdo themselves, a rare feat in any industry, but it is especially impressive when I consider their history of accomplishments. I would wholeheartedly recommend alphaquad to any business looking to make significant gains online.

Stuart Craig

Sales and Marketing Manager at ClubCare Insurance

Today’s digital marketing is in a state of constant change, so we are delighted to have the AlphaQuad team working with us. They have a great understanding of what we want to achieve, and provide clear, measurable and results-based methods for taking us toward our goals. AlphaQuad’s strength lies in their comprehensive knowledge base, and their years of digital marketing experience. The team is friendly, efficient and effective, and their enthusiasm and dedication is exemplary.

Sharon Dyer

Admissions and Marketing Manager at Royal Grammar School Worcester

We employed alphaquad to ensure that our digital marketing was robustly independently benchmarked against industry peers, competitors and external sector exemplars, and that we embedded a process of continuous improvement into our digital marketing systems.

They were instrumental in helping us to improve our digital marketing performance which has enhanced our top line revenue performance by £millions as well as increased the ROI we have enjoyed on our digital marketing campaigns

Andy Camp

Commercial Director at Abellio Greater Anglia