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PPC Audit

Are your pay-per-click campaigns not delivering the results you were hoping for? It might be time for a comprehensive PPC audit from a PPC management agency. 

PPC Audit Services

Just like your car needs a service to keep things running smoothly, your PPC campaigns need regular auditing checks to ensure they work efficiently. You want the work you put into PPC to pay off; that’s where AlphaQuad comes in. We’ve streamlined the process of evaluating and enhancing your PPC campaigns. Our PPC audit services are designed to dive deep into every aspect of your strategy, pinpointing areas of inefficiency, wasteful spending, and missed opportunities.

PPC Audit

The AlphaQuad PPC Audit

Our PPC audit services provide you with a comprehensive review of the quality and effectiveness of your paid ad campaigns. We look at various different areas of your PPC advertising depending on what is most relevant to your campaigns and your business, including:

Keyword analysis to determine budget-wasting, non-converting terms

This is the process of examining the keywords in a PPC campaign to identify terms that are consuming the budget but are not leading to conversions, like sales or lead generation. By identifying these non-performing keywords, campaigns can be configured to reallocate the budget to more effective terms and reduce wasteful spending.

Landing page review

We will analyse your landing pages to assess factors like the design, content relevance, load speed, mobile optimisation, and overall user experience to ensure they align with the campaign intent and provide a clear path to conversion.

Ad copy and conversion review

This examines your PPC ad copy and how effectively it leads to conversions. The review ensures that the ad copy is compelling, relevant, and aligns with the landing page, thereby maximising the chance of a user taking the desired action.

Budget factors causing a loss in impression share

Impression share is the percentage of impressions your ad receives compared to the total number it’s eligible to get. If the budget is too low, the ad won’t show as often as it could, leading to a loss in impression share. This term refers to the investigation of how budget constraints are limiting an ad’s visibility in potential search results.

Ad relevance factors causing a loss in impression share

This refers to factors within the ad itself, such as its content, keywords, and targeting, that might be reducing its relevance to users’ searches. If an ad is deemed less relevant, it may not be displayed as frequently, leading to a loss in impression share.

Analysis of negative keywords

Negative keywords are terms that an advertiser can use to prevent their ads from appearing for certain search queries. Analysing negative keywords ensures irrelevant search queries are excluded, thus preventing wasteful clicks and ensuring the ads are shown to the most relevant audience.

PPC Audit

Ready to Optimise Your Campaigns?

If you’re serious about achieving the best possible results from your PPC campaigns, it’s time to consider a professional PPC audit. Book a PPC Audit with AlphaQuad and we will carry out a review of your PPC campaigns to identify areas of improvement.
PPC Audit

Benefits of a Thorough PPC Audit

Improved ROI

Refining your PPC campaigns ensures every penny is well-spent, driving better results and increasing your return on investment. With targeted, timely ads, more clicks lead to genuine conversions.

Enhanced AD Performance

Our detailed analysis pinpoints areas for improvement, from keyword refinement to mobile optimisation. With the right tweaks, your ads will stand out, becoming more compelling and visible.


Wasteful spending drains budgets. Our PPC audit services aim to eliminate inefficiencies, ensuring every penny targets genuine prospects, maximising results and ensuring optimal use of your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering a PPC Audit, we recognise that you may have many questions. We have summarised some of those we are regularly asked below. If your question isn’t answered here, reach out to the team and we’ll be able to assist.

PPC Audit

Book your PPC Audit

Starting from £695 ex VAT, our PPC Audits will identify areas of improvement and provide you with top recommendations that will help improve the performance of your PPC campaigns, making your advertising spend work better for you. Send us your details, and one of the team will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you.
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