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The AlphaQuad Team

We are proud to introduce you to the professionals who drive our success. Our team is a dynamic group of experts, each bringing their own unique expertise and commitment to excellence in the work we undertake.

Get to know our Experts

Here at AlphQuad, we let our results speak for themselves. This is possible because of the skilled individuals our team is made up of. Each member, with their specialised knowledge and professional dedication, contributes to our solid track record.

Here, you’ll find a short introduction to each of our team members. You’ll see who is leading your projects, who is developing new solutions, and who is ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

Jon - Managing Director

What do you do at AlphaQuad? I’ve been with AlphaQuad, as Managing Director, since the beginning in 1998. Over the years, I’ve covered almost every area of digital marketing and now act as a consultant for both new and existing clients. Also, admin and bad jokes.

Years experience: 35 with AlphaQuad, and before that, another eight in a relevant position.

Area of expertise: All areas of digital marketing but with a particular focus on both SEO and AI applications.

Brands worked with: Calor (SHV), Baxi (BDR Thermea), NFUMutual, Camping and Caravanning Club, Bailey Caravans, CaravanTalk, Tarmac, Country Land and Business Association (CLA), NHS, along with many other international and SME brands.

Favourite things to do outside the office:  Anything to do with technology, woodcraft, theology, travel and family (not necessarily in that order).

Tim - Director

What do you do at AlphaQuad? I have been Technical Director at AlphaQuad for a couple of years, having started out here as a front-end developer specialising in CSS and HTML 14 years ago.

Years experience: I started working in digital media in 1997, producing websites and CD ROMs for businesses and government projects when screens were 640×480 with 256 web-safe colours to play with. Fortunately, things have changed a bit since then, and I no longer have to burn and distribute CDs to get my clients’ message to their audience, and even small screens are now bigger than the big screens in 1997.

Area of expertise: CSS and HTML are still at the heart of most things I do, mostly in a WordPress environment. I also look after implementations of Google Analytics and its associated platforms: Tag Manager, Search Console, Looker Studio and Merchant Center. Everything I do involves presenting information, making it findable and helping to provide data to improve its performance. My role also requires me to be aware of and advise on semantic markup, accessibility, SEO best practices, image optimisation and a stack of other things.

Brands worked with: I have worked with several trade associations and government departments in the UK and Europe as well as brands of all shapes and sizes, including Baxi (in the UK and across Europe), NFU Mutual, The Camping and Caravanning Club, RGS Worcester, Bullivant Media, AltaBioscience and many more.

Favourite things to do outside the office: When I’m not at work, I read, cook, appreciate wine and beer, and follow bicycle racing. I regularly pay for gym membership.

Sara - Director

What do you do at AlphaQuad? I am a Director at AlphaQuad. I specialise in digital strategy, working with account managers to support them in delivering results while also managing a couple of clients of my own.

Years experience: 12

Area of expertise: Paid advertising, SEO and digital strategy.

Brands worked with: Wesleyan, Sutcliffe and Co, Baxi (BDR Thermea),  Newson Health, The Priory Group.

Favourite things to do outside the office: Day trips and holidays with my family, watching soaps on TV and baking with the children!

Suz - Office Manager

What do you do at AlphaQuad? I am the Office Manager, my main job is Bookkeeper. I also look after the day-to-day running of the office and help with managing the advertising budgets for clients.

Years experience: I have worked in finance since I was 16, but AAT qualified as an accountant in 2004. I have been with Alphaquad for 13 years.

Area of expertise: General Office Management, Accounting and Finance, Advertising Budget Management.

Favourite things to do outside the office: I am a keen swimmer and a busy Mum. I can be found most weekends at the stables with my daughter.

Emily - Senior Account Manager

What do you do at AlphaQuad? I am a Senior Account Manager responsible for managing large, complex projects and running many of our client accounts. My role includes many different responsibilities, including writing proposals, developing strategies, data analysis, copywriting, SEO techniques and image working. I have worked with many different platforms over the years, but these days, I work primarily with WordPress. 

Years experience: 16

Areas of expertise: SEO, Project Management, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Image working

Brands worked with: Calor (SHV), Baxi (BDR Thermea), NFU Mutual, Country Land and Business Association (CLA), Wesleyan, Sutcliffe and Co, RGS Worcester, Troax, along with many other SME brands.

Favourite things to do outside the office: I work as a contemporary artist from my home studio. I also enjoy running races and running around after my children, dogs and chickens. 

Kirsty - Senior Account Manager

What do you do at AlphaQuad? I’ve been an Account Manager at AlphaQuad for five years, working with multiple large and smaller clients. In my 12 years working in digital marketing, I have worked with large corporate clients and SMEs across multiple industries. 

Years experience: 12

Area of expertise: SEO, Social Media Strategy, Project Management

Brands worked with: Baxi, World LPG Association, RGS Worcester, Design Haus Bedrooms, Vattenfall, Blackadder Care Homes, Spectra Group, ARMs Innovations. I’ve previously worked with Jewson & Saint Gobain, Karndean Designflooring, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Birmingham q Office. 

Favourite things to do outside the office: going to the gym and enjoying life with my toddler! 

Hayley - Digital Marketing Specialist

What do you do at AlphaQuad? With 19 years in the industry, I’ve been privileged to evolve alongside the ever-changing marketing world. I work with clients on their digital marketing, assisting them in delivering results. My comprehensive approach ensures every aspect of marketing converges effectively to drive engagement and conversions.

Area of expertise: My expertise spans various areas across many sectors. I’ve mastered everything from WordPress, social media management, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads to SEO, GMB, and client support. My comprehensive approach ensures marketing strategies converge to narrate captivating stories that drive engagement and conversions. I also head up AlphaQuad’s small business offering, taking our expertise honed with corporate clients to support smaller, local businesses.

Brands worked with: My portfolio includes collaborations with Blackadder Care Homes, transforming their online persona; The Car Network, where we elevated traffic and engagement; Entrepreneurs Circle, amplifying their outreach and influence; and Birmingham Contractor Stays, optimising their visibility and conversion metrics.

Favourite things to do outside the office: Outside the office, I enjoy creating memories with my delightful 4-year-old daughter, participating in a local choir, and I enjoy keeping fit with my hula hoop. Occasionally, the allure of cake decorating beckons, where my creative flair manifests into delightful, tasty treats!

Lewis - Digital Marketing Copywriter

What do you do at AlphaQuad? I am a Digital Marketing Copywriter at AlphaQuad, where I work with Account Managers to write content to a client’s brief. I only joined in May 2023, but I have loved every day.

Years experience: 3 (I’m a digital marketing baby and learning fast!)

Area of expertise: Copywriting, optimising existing content… and a WordPress whiz (in training).

Brands worked with: Newson Health, Plato Catering Hire, Atritor, Blackadder Care Homes, Blackpole Recycling, Design Haus Bedrooms, Spa Dental, AG Woodcare, AltoBioScience, RGS Worcester, among others.

Favourite things to do outside the office: I’m something of a film enthusiast; my background is a BA and MA in Film Studies and Screenwriting, so I’m generally burning a candle at both ends doing double/triple/quadruple features. I’m also a very passionate hypochondriac.