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Social Media Marketing

Social Business

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most popular digital marketing channels and a must for businesses that want to get ahead of the curve in today’s digital world.

Social media can help you to generate new leads, increase brand awareness, improve existing relationships and enhance customer management.

The ability to interact directly with customers and potential customers on a familiar platform can have massive benefits, but there are also some risks. Care should be taken not to engage with Social Media activity based on the familiarity of its various platforms. An assessment also must be made on the time resource impact of an effective campaign. The web is littered with abandoned campaigns that were not properly considered,

Let us help you to develop and implement a carefully thought out social media strategy appropriate to your business requirements.

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Social Media Marketing

Should you be using social media?

If your target audience is using social media, then the answer is a resounding YES! Social media is an additional way of communicating with your potential customers and it is a key element of digital marketing as a non-interruptive marketing method.

But before you start posting and engaging with both current and prospective customers, it is essential to have a clear plan in place in the form of a social media strategy in order to effectively identify and establish key goals for your business.

Measuring ROI with social media

Lots of businesses use social media to improve brand awareness, increase website traffic and build conversions, but without a clear defining message it simply won’t be effective. It’s important to define crystal clear and measurable objectives when starting a social media strategy.

Building specific landing pages with data capture forms, subscribes, and downloadable gated content increases the likelihood of gaining better quality leads through social media. 

Our team of consultants have the tools and skills to monitor and track every aspect of a running campaign. This enables you to see which leads/sales and ROI you’ve gained as a direct result of your social media activities.

Social Media Marketing

Which social media platform is best for my business?

In order to answer this question we need to consider the “buyer persona”. Understanding which social media platform(s) your ideal customer is using will help you with this. However, it’s important to keep testing and tweaking as your buyer will always be changing and evolving.

It is also important to know how to differentiate your content for each social media platform in order to improve reach and engage prospective customers. We can help you by providing social media content plans that include multiple posts for each day and great content, complete with media suggestions and different posts for each platform. 

Our social media automation tools are able to provide evidence of which social media channels are working most effectively, and what type of posts are gaining the most attraction. This information is then used to further refine and improve all aspects of your social media marketing in order to support you in successfully attaining your marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Audit

Complimentary Social Media Audit

Gain key information about how your current social campaigns are performing and, more importantly what can be done to improve them.