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Baxi Digital Strategy and Marketing

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Doubling organic traffic for Baxi

A consistent and strategic approach to Baxi’s content strategy has really paid off, and we’ve managed to double their traffic from organic search.

The project

Our mission was to increase traffic to the website by 20% every year. With a core focus on organic traffic, we took on that challenge and smashed our targets.

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The result

For some time we had been tweaking and refining the content on the site to make it work harder, but we needed to do more. We started looking at other types of content that although isn’t directly about to the products/services that Baxi offer, it is something that their audience will be interested in. At AQ, we call it lateral content – thinking outside the box.

increase in website traffic year on year
overall increase in organic traffic

If you’d like AlphaQuad to achieve the same for your website, fill in the form on our contact page and we’ll get back to as soon as we can!