PPC and Digital Advertising

Effective digital advertising campaigns

PPC and other forms of online advertising are one of the most controllable marketing investments that you can make.

Unlike traditional advertising models (print, radio & TV), the cost of digital advertising is typically based on engagement rates, hence – “Pay Per Click”.

The beauty of this approach is that the adverts need to be effective and measurable for both the publisher and the advertiser.

However, you may have heard whispers that digital advertising can be expensive?

Like anything, digital advertising is only as effective as the people who understand and implement it. Without care and skill, any advertising can prove costly and inefficient, but in the right hands, PPC can be one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Google Adwords and Google Display Network

The Google advertising network includes a variety of different advertising platforms, including Search Ads; Display Ads; Video Ads; Shopping Ads and more… As Google Partners, we use these tools on a regular basis and can determine the best tools for your unique needs.

Search Ads are run through Google Adwords, which can be seen as the paid adverts that appear above the organic search results on Google. These adverts are bought in real-time bidding auctions through Google’s ad network. However, the most expensive adverts don’t always win; Google uses a metric called AdRank to determine paid positions on Google search results.

AdRank combines the bid price with a quality score, which measures the quality of the advert and landing page. Our team are fantastic at creating great ads and landing pages, improving the quality scores and lowering advertising costs.

Display Ads are served through the Google Display Network, which can place image, text and media banner ads across any websites using Google’s far-reaching Adsense. These can be used to target new prospective customers or remarket to existing prospects who have already visited your website.

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