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Website Hosting

With AlphaQuad, you’ll not be sending in a support ticket to a random person, you’ll be ringing your account manager and telling them your problem. We’ll then sort it out for you and update you on progress.

Managed / Stress Free Hosting

All of our hosting services are fully managed which simply means that we take care of all aspects of hosting for you. The server space, speed, software, security, your content management system (e.g. Wordpress) and everything else related to your website are part of our service. This is very important when comparing hosting services. 

With AlphaQuad, you’ll not be sending in a support ticket to a random person, you’ll be ringing your account manager and telling them what your problem is. We’ll then sort it out for you and keep you updated on progress.

Our managed hosting is either based on your own choice of host or ours. Charges are split between hosting and management. So, for example, we typically charge £85 per month for managed hosting £25 of which covers the hosting and £60 goes towards the management of your site including software updates, security patches, backup management and all of the other activities needed to keep your site efficient and secure.

We have always been ‘host independent’, meaning that we’ll happily work with your existing website host or one that you choose. We are also in the fortunate position to be able to take care of all your website or application hosting requirements through our long-standing hosting partner.

Third party hosting

Third Party Hosting

We have worked with many third party hosting companies over the years and continue to support our clients with their own choice of host. If you are not sure what you have, or where you have it just get in touch and we’ll give you a plain english explanation of where your site is hosted, where your DNS is hosted (and what DNS actually is) and if you site is secure (the https:// bit in your website address).

For third party hosting we only charge a management fee on top of your normal charges. This is always based on the time that we need to spend as we are unable to predict how long third party hosts take to respond or the quality of their support.

AlphaQuad Hosting

We also offer the option of AlphaQuad hosting with our long term hosting partner Catalyst2. We chose this company many years ago because they consistently outperformed Rackspace, the usual industry Gold standard. 

They provide, manage, secure, monitor and backup at the server software and hardware level. They provide us with a 24/7 expert support team who, as well as responding to any queries or requests we may send them, proactively monitor all the sites hosted on the platform.

The hosting support team are always happy to help with the installation of a wide range of custom and off the shelf applications and, if necessary, they provide additional expertise to track down bugs and help provide analysis and advice with all sorts of challenges. We know them all by name and they are an extension of our in house development team.

AlphaQuad hosting

We have a ‘big red button’ that allows us, should anything go badly astray, to roll back any website or application to the way they were when they last worked as they should. That could be the previous day or at a point a week or more ago. Sites can normally be restored from a backup in less than an hour. This is in addition to any snapshots we may choose to take during upgrades or feature integration.

We only host AlphaQuad clients on our dedicated servers and proactively monitor all sites for security issues. This protects everyone on the server.

AlphaQuad hosting features

AlphaQuad Dedicated Server features

  • Hosted on a fully redundant VMware cloud with Dell Hardware
  • Full Firewalling and 7-day rolling offsite Backups
  • Automated malware scanning
  • Proactive server and website monitoring
  • Automated Security Updates
  • Instant Failover to new server on our VMware cloud
  • 4Gb disk storage quota (more if required)
  • No bandwidth limits (within the server infrastructure capacity)
  • Lightspeed server
  • OS: Centos 7
  • Drive size: 60GB SSD
  • vCPU: 4
  • RAM: 10GB
  • Control Panel: cPanel

IT Support partners

We are more than happy to work alongside your IT Support Partners to ensure that your business critical systems are maintained correctly. This could be with your DNS records, for example, where it is vital that the correct configuration is maintained for your email systems as well as website location.

Should you not have an IT support partner we can suggest a company local to you.

Website and Application Hosting
Ask us anything about Website Hosting

Ask us anything about Website Hosting!

We’d love to help you with your Hosting queries. Get in touch with your question and one of the team will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you.
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