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WordPress The most popular CMS in the world

With jut over 40% of all websites being built using WordPress, it is arguably the most popular website content management platform on the web.

Why choose WordPress as your content management system

  • For most page building and content editing purposes, WordPress does not require any coding expertise and so reduces the barriers to publication of your content
  • The functionality can be extended with the use of plugins. WordPress has been around for a very long time and has a huge community of developers working to provide solutions to problems
  • The look and feel of your WordPress site can easily be adapted through the application of a new theme or a tweak to an existing one should you require a refresh at a later date
  • WordPress can be very SEO-friendly
WordPress development options

WordPress Development Options

Our preferred approach is to create a theme for your site based on a tried and tested off-the-shelf framework. By using a framework, we can take advantage of a wide range of built-in functional and structural modules that give us a robust headstart in development.

We find that most businesses don’t need a completely bespoke site build and would rather focus their budget on content creation and marketing rather than creating a site from the ground up. We will work with you to identify the functional requirements of your site and match them with a set of carefully selected plugins and tools to create a website that provides the best return on investment.

Don’t think that a WordPress-based website will look generic. We can customise and tailor our chosen framework’s modules to provide a site as individual and unique as your business.

We aim to remove as many barriers (technical and financial) to publishing your content as possible and believe that WordPress is the right platform to choose to achieve this goal. Your site’s purpose is, after all, to make sure your message gets in front of the right people as easily and effectively as possible.

If you already have a site built on WordPress, we can take a look at it with a view to redevelopment or optimisation. We have experience with a variety of page builders and frameworks and have successfully taken on the management of several client sites

WordPress Security

Aside from regular WordPress core and plugin updates, all AlphaQuad WordPress sites come with various security features to protect your site, data and reputation. Measures are implemented at server level as well as site level using tried and tested applications.

We always recommend the paid-for versions of security applications which feature real-time malware recognition updates and a more comprehensive list of protections.

WordPress security

Optimisation isn’t just for the benefit of your visitors; it’s for search engines too.

WordPress Optimisation

You never know where your site is being viewed from. Your visitors are as likely to be accessing your content from a phone in a car park over 3G as they are to be sitting in an office on a fibre connection. It’s more important than ever to ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible with optimised assets and delivery.

Acquire and retain more website visitors (customers) with our WordPress Optimisation features:

  • Compression – ensuring the server compresses the page code that is sent to your visitors’ browsers to reduce load times and improve their experience of your site
  • Asset Optimisation – Optimise, combine and minify files to improve page speed. This includes images, script files and stylesheets
  • Caching – pages are cached until they are updated so that time-consuming references to the databases are reduced. Your site loads more quickly, making visitors and search engines happy
  • Monitoring – we can keep an eye on your website’s response times and make sure that it’s working well. We get reports of site assets that may be causing issues

Optimisation isn’t just for the benefit of your visitors; search engines appreciate a fast site and take various performance factors into account when ranking sites in their results.


We aren’t just WordPress experts; we are front-end developers, marketers, copywriters and SEO experts. All in one building, working together, sharing insights and knowledge to make your site better than your competition.

The process and relationship doesn’t end with the launch of your site. We will continue to work with you to make sure your site is secure, optimised and, above all, discoverable. This is as important for the owner of a bespoke e-commerce web application as it is for a startup trying to build an audience for their service.

Ask us anything about WordPress

Ask us anything about WordPress!

We have been building and marketing websites in Warwickshire and Worcestershire since 1998. We’d love to help you with your WordPress queries. Get in touch with your question and one of the team will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you.
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