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The most popular CMS in the world

WordPress is arguably one of the most popular website creation and content management tools available. With nearly a third of all websites being built using WordPress, you could look at it as the default option for content managed websites.

WordPress has been used for years to create websites that can be easily edited without any tricky coding. Our talented development team specialise in WordPress design and development, ensuring that each website we create is of exceptional standard and exceeds all expectations.

Alphaquad aren’t just WordPress experts, we are front end developers, marketers, designers, back end developers, copywriters and SEO experts. All in one building, working together, sharing insights and knowledge to make your site better than your competition.

The process and relationship doesn’t end with the launch of your site. We will continue to work with you to make sure your site is secure, optimised and, above all, discoverable. This is as important for the owner of a bespoke e-commerce web application as it is for a startup trying to build an audience for their service.

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Some of the many reasons WordPress is one of the most favoured CMS Platforms

  • WordPress is browser-based, meaning you can manage your website from any computer
  • WordPress doesn’t require HTML editing software, so you don’t need to learn HTML or coding to create a new page, upload a blog post and update your content or visuals
  • The functionality of your site can be extended with the use of plugins
  • The look and feel of your WordPress site can easily be adapted with different colours or themes should you require a refresh at a later date
  • WordPress is very SEO friendly

WordPress Development Options

Our preferred approach is to create a completely bespoke website design and development, which we then integrate with WordPress via a custom and unique theme. This allows us to include all of the essential steps of a great bespoke website project, such as wireframing, design iterations and custom code, with the end product being a website that’s easy to update, maintain and develop.

A bespoke site is ideal if you want a completely unique design and experience, with input at all the various stages of design and development.

We appreciate that many smaller businesses won’t have the budget or desire for a completely bespoke WordPress build, which is absolutely fine! We can work with you to identify great themes, plugins and tools to create a website that provides the best return on investment.

Don’t think that a theme-based website will look generic, we can customise and tailor these themes to be as individual and unique as your business. You will be surprised and delighted at what can be achieved with this market-leading platform.


WordPress Security

Aside from regular WordPress core files and plugin updates, all AlphaQuad WordPress sites come with a range of security features to protect your site, data and reputation.

These include:

  • File Change Detection – we look for code changes in plugins, themes, and WordPress core files
  • Brute Force Lockout – login attempts are limited to stop attackers trying to guess your password
  • IP Lockout – we can trigger temporary or permanent location bans (with Whitelisting)
  • 404 Lockout – we block bots that are automatically scanning for vulnerabilities
  • Audit Logs – detailed records are maintained of every user action including file and settings modifications
  • Security Key Updater – your site security keys are updated based on a predetermined schedule
  • Automated scans – regular scans keep an eye on your site and report back with any issues
  • Blacklist monitoring – this lets us know if your site has been flagged as unsafe
  • Remember Me – we limit the amount of time the ‘Remember Me’ option will last for
  • Site backups – taken daily, before major upgrades and on request. 

Are you concerned about the security of your existing WordPress site? No problem, just give us a call on 01789 491610 and we’ll take a look at how we can harden your defences.


WordPress Optimisation

In these days of Mobile First website design and development, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible.

It’s vital that you choose a good server platform to host your site and we have a number of these but there are many other changes that can be made to help your site zip onto your potential customer’s mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Acquire and retain more website visitors (customers) with our WordPress Optimisation features:

  • Gzip compression – compress the code that makes up your site to reduce load times
  • Asset Optimisation – Optimise, combine, position and minify files to improve page speed
  • Cache Suite – we take an optimised copy of each and every page the first time it loads and then serve up that copy until it changes again
  • Uptime monitoring – we keep an eye on your website’s response time and make sure that it’s working at peak efficiency. 

Concerned about the speed of an existing WordPress site? No problem, just give us a call on 01789 491610 and we’ll take a look at how we can tune things up.

WordPress Audit

Complimentary WordPress Audit

We will review your WordPress site to either give you the reassurance that everything is as it should be or point out issues that you have not spotted.