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Content Marketing

The digital space is hugely competitive, so it is essential that your content goes above and beyond your audience’s needs. We can help you identify opportunities and requirements to ensure your content marketing is effective and targeting the right audience.

Content is more important than ever

Great content is worth sharing.

Content marketing is the process of creating and publishing written and visual materials online with the goal of attracting more leads to your business. This can include blog posts, web pages, ebooks, infographics, videos, and more.

Content marketing is not just about randomly publishing content and hoping it will be found. It’s about carefully creating your pages, videos, ebooks, and posts to target your specific audience so that they discover you through inbound means rather than outbound.

We are a content marketing agency in Warwickshire with over twenty years of experience creating strategies that help businesses build brand awareness, engage their target audience and convert them into leads.

Quality content can influence prospects from the start and determine whether or not they buy your products or services, but before you can begin creating content, it is essential that you know and understand who your target audience is.

When planning content marketing campaigns, we utilise strategy, research, collaborative process, detailed audience analytics and creative thinking to create material that resonates with the intended audience. We use a variety of tactics, such as email marketing, blogging, case study development, social media advertising and more, to promote your message.

Whether you are looking for an ongoing content marketing campaign or a one-off content-driven marketing piece, our team has the expertise to help you create content that will get your message across.

Great content is the foundation of your Digital Marketing. 

Content is still king!

It is essential to provide your target audience with well-written, appealing, and valuable content. For prospective customers to view your content as helpful, it must be reliable and informative, providing answers to questions and advice on subjects relevant to your products or services that your target customers find engaging and valuable.

You can establish relationships much earlier in the buying process by giving your target audience the information and content they want to read or engage with. This will help to increase interaction and build levels of trust from the first point of contact. In addition, the chances of a conversion increase as they move through the sales process.

Making your content marketing stand out

The digital space is hugely competitive, so your content must go above and beyond your audience’s needs. To achieve this, there are several criteria that your content should meet…

To provide value beyond your product offerings

Effective content marketing is not just about sharing your product range; it is about producing content that empowers the audience to do something more efficiently. By striving to create content that provides a solution for the audience’s problems or their most urgent needs is going to position you as a valuable source of information and support. 

Content marketing - making your content stand out
Content marketing to target specific areas of the customer journey

Target specific areas of the customer journey

Typically, there are three stages of the customer journey:

  • Awareness – where the audience is researching 
  • Consideration – looking at different available solutions 
  • Decision – where the audience is ready to convert

As well as providing value, each piece of content should consider where the audience is in their customer journey and position it in a relevant part of the process.

Ensure consistency with brand voice and image

If you want your readers to know who you are, make sure that your content sounds like it came from one voice. It should be clear and consistent throughout all of your writing, no matter the platform. This will help establish trust with potential customers.

Creating both a writing style guide and brand style guide is important because it will ensure that:

  • Your brand will look cohesive no matter the viewing platform or device.
  • Your brand’s tone and voice are consistent in all written communications.

Once you have both of these elements created, you can give them to your content writers and designers. If you want your readers to keep coming back and for your content marketing strategy to be more successful, then make sure your publications are cohesive and consistent. This will also help improve how polished and professional you look.

Ensuring consistency with content marketing
Content marketing that is timely and engaging

Is timely and engaging

By understanding your customer’s spending and behavioural patterns, you can take full advantage of that information. Immediately respond to your customer’s needs by creating and publishing blog posts and offers that are timely and relevant. If you publish your content now, you’ll be ahead of competitors who wait to release similar content later.

Sometimes, being first is all it takes to gain a customer’s attention.

How can AlphaQuad help you with content marketing?

Our team of experts are highly experienced in the field of content marketing and digital marketing. When you work with AlphaQuad on your content marketing you can expect the following:  

High quality targeted content

From blogs to PR articles, landing pages, downloadable brochures, and more – AlphaQuad can create high-quality targeted content that resonates with your buyers by helping, engaging, and informing, all whilst building confidence and trust. 

SEO techniques

To create content that attracts visitors, SEO techniques are essential. As SEO specialists, we can help you identify SEO opportunities and requirements and ensure that your content marketing is both reflective of this as well as consistent to get your business ranking higher and target the right audience.   

Integration with Social Media marketing

Content marketing is also an integral part of social media marketing. We can help you plan and produce an effective social media strategy with great content for all social media platforms that can help you target and engage potential customers, generate new leads, increase brand awareness and more…

Highly experienced team

Our team of content marketing experts have many years of experience working within the industry and working as a team to generate growth for clients across various sectors and industries.  

Talk to us about SEO

Ready to embark on you Content Marketing Journey?

Talk to us about how we can custom build a great content marketing campaign for you. Let AlphaQuad prove the effectiveness of our campaign strategies by increasing your online brand presence.

How do we develop a content marketing strategy?

We know that improving your content strategy can increase your online brand presence, as well as improve Lead Generation, thereby creating prospects and driving customer acquisition. But how do we do this?

We get to know our clients, determine the goals and objectives that are specific to their business and develop KPIs based on these. Some of the common goals that we work with our clients with are:

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Boosting revenue
  • Increasing conversions
  • Improving brand loyalty
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Building rapport and trust 
  • Attracting strategic partners

We collaborate with our clients to gain an understanding of their customers to out crucial information about their thinking process, such as:

  • What they need from the business
  • The challenges or pain points they commonly have
  • Why they need the product or service 
  • How the business can help them succeed
  • Where they spend their time online
Ask us anything about content marketing

Ask us anything about content marketing!

Is your content building brand awareness and engaging your target audience? We’d love to help you with your content marketing queries and hear about the obstacles your coming up against. Get in touch with your question and one of the team will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you.
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