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Social Media Audit

Having a robust social media presence is not just beneficial – it’s essential. But how can you be certain that your social media efforts are effectively reaching your goals? That’s where our specialised social media audit services step in.

Social Media Audit Services

We offer a comprehensive examination of your social media strategy, evaluating the performance and impact of your online presence across various platforms. Let’s take your social media presence to new heights of effectiveness and engagement!

Social Media Audit

The AlphaQuad Social Media Audit

Our expert audit services are comprehensive to ensure it is as thorough as can be. Our social media audit is designed to help your business gain key insights into the performance and quality of your standing social media campaigns and how they can be improved. The areas we look at include:

General overview

We assess your social media, examining brand use, consistency, and engagement, alongside competitor analysis. Our insights identify areas of strength and needed refinement. This review also covers page and post effectiveness, evaluating content and engagement rates for a complete analysis.

Sector suitability

We assess the alignment of your social media efforts with your target audience and industry. Our analysis extends beyond platform suitability, delving into content relevance and engagement efficacy. We provide recommendations to optimise your online presence and infuse best practices to help you to elevate your strategy, ensuring meaningful connections that extend beyond mere numbers.


A complete profile amplifies your online presence. We’ll scrutinise each of your social profiles, ensuring they’re fully optimised and correctly set up for maximum visibility.


The aim is not always to have the highest follower count but to reach the right audience with the most appropriate targeted posts. We’ll delve into your community’s quality and engagement. If numbers aren’t translating to interaction, we’ll pinpoint solutions and strategies to enhance that connection.


Do you experience engagement droughts despite frequent posts? Our social media audit experts will sift through your posts and content, identifying potential barriers hindering your reach and engagement and offering remedies.

Tone of voice

Your brand’s personality is crucial on social media. Rather than coming off sales, your tone should add value. We’ll assess your content’s tone, ensuring it resonates authentically with your audience.

Brand continuity

Are you operating social media accounts across various platforms? We’ll make sure your brand’s tone is consistent across each account. Uniformity in branding fosters trust and bolsters community connection.


If competitors seem one step ahead, let’s turn that around. We’ll analyse your main rivals, highlighting their strong points and vulnerabilities, giving you an advantage in the social media space.

Social Media Audit

Ready to elevate your social media presence?

If you’re committed to optimising your brand’s presence across social media platforms, a professional social media audit is the next step. Gain information about how your current social campaigns are performing and, more importantly what can be done to improve them.
Social Media Audit

What are the benefits of a Social Media Audit?

The social media landscape is ever-evolving, with new trends emerging frequently. To navigate this dynamic environment, businesses must ensure their social media strategies are effective and align with current trends. Some of the core benefits are:

Consistent brand portrayal

Through a social media audit, you can ensure that your brand’s story and identity are unified and consistent across all social media platforms, thus fostering increased trust and engagement with your audience.

Identifying potential growth areas

As a social media marketing agency, we will examine your online activities, highlighting previously unseen opportunities and areas for improvement to optimise both reach and engagement.

Data-driven strategic alignment

Decisions made after a social media audit are backed by clear and concise data. This solid foundation ensures your social media actions are confident and aligned with your overarching business aims, eliminating guesswork.

Adaptability in the digital landscape

Regular social media audits ensure that your brand doesn’t only keep up with the changing trends but is also ready to lead and innovate. Your online presence becomes not just responsive but proactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering a Social Media Audit, we understand you may have many questions. The most common questions we are regularly asked are summarised below. If your question isn’t answered here, contact the team, and we can assist.

Social Media Audit

Book your Social Media Audit

From £695 ex VAT, our Social Media Audits analyse your social media platforms to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and unveil opportunities for enhanced engagement and growth. Send us your details, and one of the team will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you.
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