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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a method by which you can attract visitors to your website, tool or application through organic (not paid) search engine results.

Search Engine Optimisation is made up of many different techniques that also contribute to an effective website not just traffic to that website.

SEO results can take some time to build but once established you’ll have a very stable and effective marketing platform with the best ROI in marketing.

Your website simply becomes a lead generating machine.

Why SEO?

If you, me, my aunt Mable or your customers want to find a product, service, information or advice we all head over to Google. These guys are great at providing you with the information you need.

The last time you Googled something, did you find what you were looking for on the first page? Or did you scroll through 10 pages of search results until you came across a site that answered your question?

The vast majority of people looking for information will only click on the top three results!
To put this another way, 30% of searchers click on the no.1 position compared with 4% on position 5. More information on click-through rates.

So SEO is all about making sure that your information rises to the top of search listings, typically in Google, possibly in Bing but, in the UK, not really anywhere else (unless you count YouTube – which we do). Search engine statistics.


Understanding SEO

Below we have included some of the important SEO factors.

We’ve plenty more SEO information on this site but as a brief introduction:

Understanding SEO

Keywords and search terms

Before writing up any content for your website it is important that you know who your target audience is and what they may be searching for. Keyword research is crucial for ensuring you appear in relevant search results.

Every web page includes keywords. The trick is to communicate unambiguously with search engines first and then your customers second. SEO content is a balancing act between the needs of search engines and visitors. Getting it right, and we do, will lead to many more visitors who then go on to spend some of their budget with you.

SEO Content


Keywords when gathered together, with more words in between, all in the right order, with a bit of punctuation thrown in, at some point becomes ‘SEO content’. That’s what you may have been already told and if you’ve followed this path the chances are that your content is less than engaging.

It’s much better to simply write the best article, page, blog that you can and then look back over it to see where you need to put your important keywords.

This is SEO editing and works so well with a good client/agency relationship. Our clients are the experts in their fields, we’re experts with SEO. The very best of our work starts with our clients. The alternative tends to be fluffy PR nonsense with many words saying little.

Meta Descriptions

When you see one of your listings in Google it’s been taken from the code that makes up your web page. The title of the Google listing comes from your ‘Title’ tag, the description from your ‘Meta Description’ tag with a few more elements being thrown in for good measure.

Good titles and descriptions will contain the best keyword phrases for that page and will be both persuasive and clickable (not really a technical term but what should be put on the SEO link tin). More about Meta Descriptions.

Local SEO

Local SEO is mostly applied for companies that have a typically local audience (Dentists, Care Homes, Insurance Brokers). It has its own techniques and methods for getting excellent results. Local SEO is about as competitive as it gets because you tend to know the opposition very well. This is also the type of SEO where the results achieved between position 1 and 2 is absolutely massive. You really do need to be no.1 for all local search terms!

Local SEO
What is an SEO company

So what is an SEO company?

At AlphaQuad we understand what is needed in order to improve search engine visibility. We should, we’ve been doing it since 1998 (I’m starting to feel old when typing this).

Our goal isn’t to just make the best websites for Google; rather, we aim to make a website that meets your specific needs, requirements and audience. Our SEO agency has created excellent search positionings for clients, resulting in hundreds of millions of visitors to their sites (in total). Our unbroken record of great success and sustainable growth comes from our SEO focus of audience-first, in line with Google’s requirements.

As an in-house SEO and marketing agency, we blend research, strategy, technical SEO, development, copywriting, design, media, analytics, inspiration and a large measure of common sense. We offer many services that accompany SEO such as development, design, automation and social media.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

SEO Ask Us Anything!

At AlphaQuad, we live and breathe SEO.

We’d love to help you with your SEO queries and obstacles, so just pick up the phone and ask us anything! No SEO question is too basic, or even too complicated – we love a challenge.

Just to be clear, there is no charge for this as we feel that it’s important that everyone has an informed idea about what SEO is, and more importantly, isn’t! There is far too much misinformation surrounding SEO and we’d like to do our bit to put this right.

Questions we have received range from: “Does SEO replace PPC?” to “Is Rankbrain a plan or an algorithmic artefact?” We like them all and answer them all so send in yours today.

This offer does not extend to other agencies, do your own research guys 😉

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