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WordPress Website Audit

A WordPress website audit is a comprehensive examination of a WordPress website to identify issues, areas for improvement, and opportunities for optimisation.

WordPress Audit Services

Think of a WordPress audit like going to the GP for a check-up… but for a website. This type of digital marketing audit is essential to ensure that your website runs smoothly, is secure, and offers a good user experience. In an age where digital visibility is imperative, a regular WordPress Audit can help to ensure your website is primed for SEO. We take pride in the extensiveness of our WordPress website audit, leaving you to rest assured that your WordPress site is safe in our hands. 

WordPress Website Audit

The AlphaQuad WordPress website audit

We don’t just scratch the surface with our WordPress audit. Our expert team dives deep, providing valuable insights into the nuances of the WordPress theme and plugins you’ve chosen. We look at different areas as well as site speed and opportunities for optimisation and improvement, including:

WordPress, theme, and plugin versions

Ensuring you’re up-to-date and leveraging the latest features and security patches.

Plugin choice and extent

Evaluating if your plugins are apt for your needs and aren’t overburdening the site.

Site speed

As the digital age thrives on speed, we determine whether your website keeps pace and check visual elements are optimised without compromising on quality.

Site Security

Safeguarding your digital realm from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Backup and restore systems

Confirming that you’re prepared for the unexpected with robust backup strategies.

Responsiveness on different screens

In an era dominated by various devices, we check your site’s adaptability and consistency across multiple screens and viewport sizes.

Checking SEO readiness

Assessing whether or not your website is set to rank and make its mark in search engine results.

Review essential functions

The core features that make your site functional and user-friendly, such as navigation and conversion points.


Ensuring that websites are compatible with assistive technologies, like screen readers, and can be navigated using only a keyboard or a different input device.


Reviewing and advising on legal and compliance elements such as cookies, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.

WordPress Audit

Ready to enhance your WordPress configuration?

Our WordPress Website Audits review your site and configuration to either give you the reassurance that everything is as it should be or point out issues that you have not spotted.
WordPress Website Audit

The Benefits of a WordPress Website Audit

By embarking on a WordPress website audit with AlphaQuad, you’re investing in an enhanced digital presence. From optimising performance and ensuring robust security to amplifying visibility in search engine results and providing an unrivalled user experience – our audit is the first step to realising these benefits.

WordPress Audit

Book your WordPress Website Audit

From £695 ex VAT, our WordPress Audit analyses your website and configuration to give you the reassurance that everything is as it should be or point out issues that you have not spotted. Send us your details, and one of the team will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you.
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