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Lead Generation Software Tools

Identify promising leads you would otherwise miss

Lead generation tools and strategies from AlphaQuad allow for fast and accurate lead generation. Identify sales leads you never knew you had and build your sales and marketing database.

Imagine how many people visited your website but didn’t pick up the phone or fill out a contact form.. this happens a lot. People simply run out of time or plan to come back later and forget.

Do you know who is visiting your website? Can you identify those who are interested? Would the ability to do this make a difference to your company?

AlphaQuad understands the importance of every website visitor, which is why we employ a technique that reveals the identity of your previously unidentified website visitors and turns them into actionable prospects for your sales team to approach!

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Lead Generation Software Tools

Identify and contact high-quality leads

Forget un-targeted cold calling or waiting for a website lead to pop through. AlphaQuad can help you increase your lead generation efforts by providing you with the identity of your website visitors and delivering them to a specific sales team member via your CRM.

All the data you need to convert leads. Faster.

Get instant visitor contact information directly to your sales-team, including:

  • Business Name
  • Name, position and email address of key decision makers
  • Location
  • Website Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Linkedin link
Lead Generation Software Tools
Lead Generation Software Tools

Get targeted visitor insight

Visitor behaviour information is vital for successful sales and marketing. We can tell you which pages the visitor has been looking at on your website, enabling you to direct specific campaigns targeted to what individuals are looking for.

In other words, your sales and marketing communications can be perfectly tailored to suit the prospect’s needs.

Combine the power of visitor tracking with SharpSpring CRM

Imagine lead generation software integrated seamlessly with a Marketing/CRM system to empower your sales team and supercharge your marketing campaigns. All in one place!

We recommend and support SharpSpring based on considerable experience with marketing automation tools, it’s integration with other tools and ‘cost to operate’.

Lead Generation Software Tools
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